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Safeguarding our most trusted software with open source technology

On the Tech Transforms podcast, sponsored by Dynatrace, we talk to some of the most prominent influencers shaping critical government technology decisions.

Have you ever wondered if open source is secure? Are you uneasy about application security when government agencies and other organizations crowdsource code? If so, you are not alone.

Episode 55 of Tech Transforms tackles these security reservations about open source code. However, Dr. Stephen Magill of Sonatype joins the podcast to ease concerns. During his discussion with me and Mark Senell, Dr. Magill explains how government agencies can securely use open source code. Tune in to learn how innovation can help government agencies gain control of open source security, manage risk, and secure the next generation of technology.

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Government security approaches to open source technology

In the episode, Dr. Magill dives into various vulnerabilities and the actions that organizations can take to protect against malicious attacks. Among his insights, Dr. Magill offers the following four best practices that organizations can keep in mind to better secure their organizations:

  • Scan dependencies. First, set up a process to capture, report, and act on results following regular dependency scans.
  • Choose projects carefully. Not every project is worth the security risk. Next, choose projects that are easily maintainable and securable, now and in the future.
  • Stay up to date. Establish a proactive process to keep your products and systems as up-to-date as possible.
  • Guard against malicious commits. Finally, establish a clear process to continuously and proactively prevent malicious attacks from entering your systems.

Tune into the full episode to hear more of Dr. Magill’s insights, including some great security resources that agencies can rely on to secure open source technology.

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