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Meet the voices of Dynatrace showcased in the Real Talks podcast

We recently launched our “Real Talks” podcast to achieve a simple but powerful goal: to share the real stories from the people who work at Dynatrace. This blog unpacks the goals behind bringing these stories to light, and the benefits organizations can achieve by creating a people-centric podcast.

The “Real Talks” podcast was born from a simple yet profound realization gained during an in-depth discovery project on the employee experience with our global team. Despite a 4,200+ workforce that spans continents and cultures, Dynatracers share a common bond: curiosity, collaboration, and passion for their work. Yet, in any distributed organization, feelings of disconnection can arise.

To combat these feelings, we focused on internal initiatives that will break down silos and bring people together. One of them was creating the “Real Talks” podcast, fostering a sense of unity across continents and giving the stage to Dynatracers. After the launch of each episode, we gathered feedback and team sentiment. Thus far, the response has been positive. In turn, we released Season One with four episodes posted on major podcast platforms, each episode sharing knowledge, hacks, tips, and stories from behind the scenes at Dynatrace.

“The podcast offers me the chance to get to know Dynatracers I’ve never met before. It’s more than inspiring: it’s like finding new chapters of a book you love,” one Dynatracer said.

Tatiana Gottlib
Hear from Tatiana Gottlib about the impact that role models had on her career in Episode One.

The power of podcasting: Human stories in a digital format

We chose podcasts as our medium as they provide a stage for human stories, capturing the authentic and lively voices of our team in a way that written content can’t. They transport the vibe of a one-on-one chat and deliver it straight to your ears. Each episode is bite-sized, clocking in at around 10 minutes, packing the depth of a longer talk into a short, sharp recording.

Spotlight on team members: Getting to know the people behind the platform

The podcast host is Sue Quackenbush, our chief people officer and visionary People and Culture leader. She is an advocate for employee experience and a champion of a people-first culture. In each episode, she invites a Dynatracer to chat about motivation, career, challenges, and passions in work life.

“Real Talks is more than just a series of interviews,” Quackenbush said. “It’s a space that echoes our inclusive, boundary-pushing culture.”

Sue Quackenbush and Andi Grabner
Sue Quackenbush with her podcast guest Andreas Grabner. They chat about community building in Episode Four of the “Real Talks” podcast.

Six benefits of people-centered podcasts in the corporate landscape

Let’s talk about the magic of podcasts in the workplace. The following are six reasons why we think people-centered podcasts rock in global organizations:

  • They bring teams closer, no matter the miles between them. A people-centered podcast is like a virtual meeting room in which employees from all corners of the globe can share their stories and offer authentic insights into the varied lives within the organization.
  • They give potential hires a sneak peek into the company vibe. Launching a podcast is like opening the doors of your organization to potential new hires, enabling prospects to hear directly from potential colleagues and get to know the working atmosphere.
  • They add a personal touch to the corporate brand. These podcasts strip away corporate formalities to reveal the beating heart of the organization: the people driving it forward.
  • They’re a sweet spot for sharing knowledge. By giving employees a platform, podcasts become a home for shared knowledge and experiences, fostering a culture where learning is part of the everyday workplace experience.
  • They spark that sense of belonging. Sharing stories on a podcast can amplify team spirit and reinforce a sense of recognition and community among employees.
  • They celebrate diversity and roll out the welcome mat for inclusion. Championing a mix of voices, the podcast turns diversity from a buzzword into a reality, showcasing a mosaic of experiences. People-centric podcasts represent organizational values of authenticity, acceptance, and embracing everyone from every corner and at every level.

“In a world where all companies claim authenticity, it’s the voices of our Dynatracers that really show our uniqueness. Their voices are what make Dynatrace not only a Great Place to Work but also deeply credible and authentic.” – Sue Quackenbush, chief people officer at Dynatrace

Tune in for the real Dynatrace experience

The “Real Talks” podcast gives the listener a glimpse into our vibrant culture, offers potential candidates an unfiltered view of our values and people, and provides the community with personal stories behind professional successes. It’s a blend of diverse stories and insights for everyone, from tech enthusiasts to those just beginning their careers.

To listen to Real Talks, check out the podcast.