Dynatrace newsletter: Enhanced Docker monitoring & upcoming webinar!

Welcome to the March Dynatrace newsletter! To gear up for spring, we’ve released several new features and we’ll be hosting a liquid-infrastructure monitoring webinar at the end of the month!

Enhanced Docker container monitoring is now available!
Dynatrace has been reliably monitoring Dockerized applications for a while now. To provide a more complete picture, we’ve added Docker container-centric perspectives for Docker images, services, and hosts.
Read more about Dynatrace Docker container monitoring!

How to ignore JavaScript errors in the Apdex calculation
In some instances Dynatrace may detect JavaScript errors caused by 3rd party elements that don’t affect the user experience of your customers. You can now ensure that your Adpex ratings aren’t skewed by such misleading errors.
Learn more about ignoring JavaScript errors in Apdex calculations.

Upcoming webinar on Monitoring Liquid Infrastructure: Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes, and beyond.
Want to learn more about the explosion of Docker orchestration and why using Docker orchestration changes the way you see your application?

Join our Senior Solutions Engineer, Peter Hack, on Tuesday, March 29 at 1:00 PM EST for the live session. Grab your spot in our upcoming webinar today!

Monitor your Apache, Nginx, IIS,.. web server performance!
With Dynatrace, you get deep-level visibility into each of your web server process groups, including dependent applications and running services. When problems are detected, the Dynatrace anomaly-detection engine correlates host and network metrics with web server specific metrics to identify the root causes.
Read more about Dynatrace web server monitoring!

See you in the cloud!

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