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New Support ticketing platform will transform the way you communicate and get assistance with Dynatrace

In a recent blog post, we announced the continuing transformation of customer experience and our investments into new systems that make it easier for you to contact a Dynatrace expert when you need assistance working with Dynatrace. This includes the recent launch of our new Support Center, where we’ve consolidated all the technical support resources you need in one place for better and faster answers.

We’re now happy to announce the initial release of our new Support ticketing system. The new ticketing system is only the first stage of a new and enhanced communication and collaboration platform that will better serve you when you need help.

How the new ticketing system benefits you

First and foremost, the new system provides user authentication, so Dynatrace experts know who you are even before you start a conversation with them. The ticketing system also makes it easier for you to reply and communicate with Technical Support Engineers via email without opening a Support ticket. It also sets up a critical phase-2 implementation where we will streamline all the Support threads you might have open with multiple teams and experts and consolidate them into a single conversation that integrates with our in-product assistance chat feature. This will allow for more efficient troubleshooting and seamless handoffs to subject matter experts.

Behind the scenes, the Dynatrace experts managing your issues have a single and intelligent workbench to efficiently access the tools and information they need to triage your tickets more effectively and resolve them faster. The new system also improves collaboration and communication between internal resources and subject matter experts. These additional enhancements allow for even faster answers and resolutions to your issues.

How will the change impact old and open tickets?

We recognize you might have open tickets in our current ticketing system. Any open tickets will continue to be worked on and resolved within the current Jira-based system. You will however be able to track your existing tickets in the new system. Any new tickets you create will be managed in the new ticketing system. Closed tickets will be archived and available in the current Jira-based system for one year following the transition to the new system.

What’s next

The new Support Center will ultimately unify all Support resources (Community, Documentation, and University) as well as communications (in-product assistance via chat and Support tickets) to create a unified customer experience. Access to our new ticketing system will be available directly from the new Support Center. Select Support tickets to create a ticket in the new system or to access any existing Support tickets.

We’re excited to continue the evolution of Dynatrace customer experience by bringing you enhanced communication tools to assist you in your Dynatrace journey.