Meet us at Web & PHP Conference in San Jose

How often do you get to spend your weekend with troubleshooting urgent production issues? When we talk with our customers, we often hear about issues being caused by the same reasons over and over again, like misconfigured resource pools, deployment errors, and data-driven performance issues like making 800+ database statements per transaction:

More than 800 database statements per transaction will have a severe impact on your app
One of the evergreens: Too many database statements per transaction

Join my session at Web & PHP next Tuesday (September 17 @ 4:25pm) and see how you can identify these “evergreens”, how to supply your developers with the information they need to fix them, and how to ensure your testers can automatically verify them and check for regressions. The conference is free, so register now and make sure to stop by at our booth!

Daniel is passionate about application performance. He helps organizations around the globe to implement a modern, real user centric monitoring approach. Daniel has more than a decade of experience in software engineering in multiple industries and languages. He enjoys traveling, rare beef and never forgets to bring his camera. Reach him at @d_kaar