Mastering Complexity at the Edge

Unlike past applications that ran solely in the data center, modern applications execute code on diverse edge devices, often calling services from a variety of third-party cloud providers across the Internet, well beyond the view of traditional monitoring systems. To make matters worse, companies that modify their applications more frequently increase the complexity at the edge.

While third-party services improve the end-user experience and deliver functionality faster than standalone applications, these services have a dark side. They can increase the complexity and page weights that can decrease site performance and compromise the end-user experience. It’s not enough to control the factors within your firewall; you must be able to mitigate the risks imposed by all of your third-party services that can weaken your site’s performance or take it down.

Today’s modern applications are dynamically assembled at the edge of the Internet or carrier network, in the user’s browser or mobile application. The complexity at the edge is daunting, with Web 2.0 code frameworks, mobile native applications, streaming applications, third-party and cloud services, smartphones, tablets, browsers, operating systems, ISPs, and more dynamic variables than ever impacting the user experience.

This increasing complexity is driving the need for a new generation of APM.  As part on our Spring 2012 Platform Release, today we introduced the industry’s deepest and most flexible User Experience Management (UEM) solution for mastering complexity at the edge.

Compuware’s UEM tames the challenges of modern application delivery, enabling customers to measure and optimize performance at the edge of the Internet with the industry first’s real user deep edge monitoring from within both browsers and mobile native applications. Compuware’s new generation UEM capabilities include:

 Most comprehensive UEM and performance analytics for mobile applications and browser applications enabling customers to:

  • Rapidly identify and resolve performance issues that cause end users to abandon transactions;
  • Quantify the monetary business impact of poor application performance through unique visibility into transaction payloads; and
  • Proactively manage user experience by demographic through the industry’s deepest performance analytics; enabling notification, isolation and optimization of even the most challenging problems.

Easy to understand visual interface: integrating mobile and browser user satisfaction maps to quickly identify performance hot spots across geographies and multiple edge dimensions.

Visibility into all aspects of mobile application performance: including user actions in the mobile application, correlated with geography, device, mobile carrier, signal strength, CPU, battery charge and more.

The most complete and accurate measurement of user experience from the browser perspective: with precise measurement of client-side actions and latency, based on our leading role within the W3C, where Compuware drives the API definitions of the W3C Navigation Timing specifications.

Visibility into all user-clicks for key AJAX/JavaScript frameworks: including ExtJS, GWT, ZK, jQuery and dojo, providing unparalleled metrics for user experience and user behavior monitoring.

Deep transaction visibility with embedded PurePath® technology: provides unrivaled insight into application execution at the edge for all browsers and device types, including code-level details, incidents and visit histories.

Auto-identification of third-party performance: enabling customers to quickly identify third-party issues and proactively manage service level agreements (SLAs).

The most comprehensive and actionable synthetic streaming media capabilities:

  • Apple HLS and Adobe HDS support for the latest streaming formats; and
  • New quality of service metrics enabling customers to quickly diagnose streaming issues.

Fast, flexible UEM deployment model: either SaaS or on-premises enterprise, enabling customers to deploy, and gain, value in minutes regardless of the model they choose.

Our new, more comprehensive UEM solution allows customers to assure availability, optimize performance and understand user behavior and business impact regardless of edge complexity. Synthetic monitoring continues to be important for operational excellence, but UEM is the only path to mastering the edge and gaining a new level of business insight.

Our Dynatrace Spring 2012 Platform Release introduces a new generation of APM with four industry-first innovations across its Dynatrace and Gomez product brands that help customers optimize the performance and value of their business-critical applications.

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