Live from OOP2014

I’m currently at OOP2014 in Munich where, aside from giving a talk called “Lifecycle by Design” (slides are on Slideshare), I also had the chance to have some great conversations at our booth and attend a couple of sessions.

My personal highlight so far was yesterday’s hilarious session by Kevlin Henney called “Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers”. He opined for paying attention to visual design in code by adopting useful indentation standards, and ripped apart some of the common “best practices”. For example, he discussed what he called “Lego naming” where you stack parts of a name in order to create meaningful method and class names, but usually fail to achieve that–after all, what value does adding the word “exception” to each exception class really have? There’s a great site ( that mocks this style–just try the JDK style naming.

For today, I am really looking forward to the keynote by Constanze Kurz titled “Mastering the Internet”. Unfortunately, a session that did sound quite interesting (“Lightweight web architectures with ASP.NET and SignalR”) was cancelled. Instead, I’ll go to “Rapid Application Development with Grails and AngularJS”, as I haven’t yet had a chance to look into Grails.

So much for the first two days–I’m looking forward to the rest of the conference!

Wolfgang Gottesheim has nearly ten years of experience as a software engineer for Java Enterprise environments. In his role as Technology Strategist he is involved in the strategic development of Dynatrace. His focal points are Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Twitter: @gottesheim