Hot from the lab: Latest releases center on unification, scalability and powerful analytics that tie back to business metrics

Innovation has always been at the core of the Dynatrace culture. We invest heavily in our product development so that our 500+ global R&D experts continue to break new ground in APM.

This is an exciting post for me, as I get to share highlights of the most recent advancements.

I even shot a quick video that hits some of the big changes.

Visually Complete

Visually complete puts you in the user’s seat and captures the precise visual experience of all your real users. Combined with Speed index, which shows how fast your page loads, and synthetic transaction data, you can now see exactly how digital performance is impacting revenue, bounce rates and conversions. Available July.

Enhanced visuals – make everyone a performance expert

The Dynatrace experience has never been more equipped to unite teams around the metrics that matter. Fresh dashboards and our AI-powered analytics gives everyone in your business precise answers to complex problems – stay high level or dive into the detail – everyone can be a performance expert.

Unifying enterprise monitoring

Heterogeneous IT landscapes continue to surge in complexity and scale. On the flip side, our customers are simplifying; taking advantage of our enterprise-wide, full stack solution that does away with monitoring in silos. From microservices to APIs, mobile to mainframe, Dynatrace is the only one that can support the depth and scale of our customers’ digital business.

So now let’s look at some techs and specs.


  • Business impact reports with every problem discovered, so you can see precisely how your customers were affected and why. More here at our blog.
  • Map and position your custom network device within our Smartscape topology using AI, to capture important custom metrics in the broader topology context. Read more here.
  • Auto-discover all hosts, applications, and services—along with their relationships— and synchronize with your ServiceNow ITIL CMDB database. More to read here.

To stay up with the latest, head here.


  • Extended time and deployment-based PurePath problem pattern detection that fully automates analysis of millions of PurePaths across multiple deployments so you get instant feedback on common issues, reducing the chance of quality degradation.
  • Deep insight into every visit and user action, including W3C metrics and JavaScript error diagnostics, that delivers insight into every browser and app from the customer perspective.
  • Full PurePath, method hotspots, exceptions and database diagnostics in the Web UI to open up the power of Dynatrace to everyone in your company and foster collaboration.

Heaps more to read about here.

Advanced Synthetics

 Filter error analysis across time, location, error type to quickly pinpoint availability issues.

  • Emulate any mobile connection across our global performance network to optimize the digital experience for mobile devices.
  • New interactive waterfall analysis enables automatic filtering by third party service category, analyzing W3C browser timing events and more to reveal the greatest impact on user experience.

Lots more updates to read up on here


  • Auto-discovery of new – or recently inactive – services and servers informs you of important changes in your environment and the impact on user experience.
  • New explorer views for DNS, Network and Citrix deliver increased interactive analysis for speedier insights.
  • One-minute data collection intervals expedite alert triggering and view micro-trends in enhanced granularity.

 Read about the rest of the advancements here.

Steve has been working in the software and IT services industry for almost 20 years and has contributed in key roles to leading the evolution and modernization of the IT performance, including the adoption of Dynatrace as one of the fastest growing APM solutions in the industry. As Vice President for Product Management, he is responsible for product vision and go-to-market strategy. Prior to this role, Steve has held management positions in product management, technical sales and engineering. Steve also enjoys cycling, coaching and his children (not in that order). Steve has B.A. in Economics from Kalamazoo College.