Dynatrace @ Velocity Berlin

Velocity Velocity comes to Europe and we will are there. You can find our presentations and links here. Today we had a talk on What it means to deliver exceptional performance and tomorrow Andi will give a Lightning Demo. Hope to see you there

JavaScript Performance Challenge

If you think you are a Web performance ninja, guru or the like you should also enter the Dynatrace JavaScript performance challenge. Just find out which of the code snippets below is the fastest.

Method A
function codeSampleA() {
 $.each($(".myClassA"), function (i, element) {
  $(this).css("color", "red");
  $(this).css("font-size", "10");

Method B
function codeSampleB() {
  var allAs = $("a.myClassA");
 allAs.css("color", "red");
 allAs.css("font-size", "10");

Method C
function codeSampleC() {
 var allAs = $(".myClassA");
 allAs.css("color", "red");
 allAs.css("font-size", "10");

Method D
function codeSampleD() {
 $("a.myClassA").css("color", "red");
 $("a.myClassA").css("font-size", "10");

Alois is Chief Technology Strategist of Dynatrace. He is fanatic about monitoring, DevOps and application performance. He spent most of his professional career in building monitoring tools and speeding up applications. He is a regular conference speaker, blogger, book author and Sushi maniac.