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Dynatrace named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), Q4 2022 report

In a recent Forrester report, Dynatrace received the highest scores in the Current Offering and Strategy categories, which Dynatrace believes validates product and vision leadership.

Leading independent research and advisory firm Forrester has named Dynatrace a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), Q4 2022 report. For Dynatrace, this recognition demonstrates the clear leadership and innovation of Dynatrace in AIOps (or AI for IT operations).

In the report, Forrester evaluated 11 providers, scoring them with categories that include Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Forrester gave Dynatrace the highest scores in the Current Offering and Strategy categories, recognizing the organization’s “superior vision [that] focuses on purpose-built use cases that leverage its unified model, AI, and automation…” according to the report.

Dynatrace received the highest scores in the Current Offering and Strategy categories of 4.23 and 4.40, respectively. Let’s dig into these categories a bit more.

Smartscape topology and dependency mapping

One of the Current Offering criterion where Dynatrace received the highest score is dependency/topology mapping. Thanks to Smartscape, Dynatrace’s common data model with an interactive and dynamic view, Dynatrace always maintains a current model of the full stack with highly granular mapping. This map is automatically generated and maintained through auto-discovery and with zero manual effort. It displays all topological dependencies between services, processes, hosts, and data centers.

Digital experience monitoring

Digital experience monitoring is another Current Offering criterion in which Dynatrace received the highest score possible. Unlike other technologies in the market, the Dynatrace platform instantly provides an outside-in view to ensure applications and services are available, performing, and functional across all digital channels. If there are any issues or disruptions, Dynatrace combines application performance data, real user behavior data, synthetics, and deeper insights such as session replays to identify issues and their impact on business metrics.

Application and infrastructure monitoring

And, for the application and infrastructure monitoring criterion, Dynatrace tied for the highest score. Dynatrace was able to monitor the full stack, all in context with a common data model (Smartscape) and single agent. Because the observability platform can see and understand all the relationships and dependencies, it uniquely allows it to use causational AI with Davis.

AIOps powered by Davis AI Engine

The Davis® AI engine is at the heart of the Dynatrace approach to AIOps. Paired with Dynatrace OneAgent technology that auto-discovers data across the entire stack, Davis delivers precise, instant answers about the performance of applications, infrastructure, digital experience, and application security. This allows for enhanced business insights and broader, deeper understanding of multicloud environments.

According to the Forrester report, the Dynatrace platform “delivers full-stack business insight enablement that traces back to APM [application performance monitoring] roots.” Dynatrace AIOps was purpose-built to redefine application performance monitoring, enabling a proactive, fully automated approach to identifying, remediating, and preventing performance issues.

Grail, the causational data lakehouse

The report also cites planned enhancements as a differentiator and states: “…a data lake house and Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) provide a parallel processing solution that combines graphs, events, metrics, and other data for causal AI, observability, and security use cases.”

The report also states: “Dynatrace customers should also reap the benefits of improved causality functionality driven by domain specific capability enhancements to its Davis AI engine.”

On October 4, 2022, Dynatrace announced Grail, the industry’s only causational data lakehouse that unifies and enables contextual analytics on observability, security, and business data at scale and in a cost-efficient manner.

Dynatrace’s key takeaways

Dynatrace believes that its placement as an AIOps Leader is a direct result of its commitment to enabling customers and partners to manage multicloud complexity, enhance business insights, and drive digital transformation at scale.

According to SVP of Product Management Steve Tack, “Organizations are building digital services in highly dynamic multicloud environments, producing an explosion of data and complexity. To drive digital transformation at scale, teams need precise answers and intelligent automation across their technology stacks. They also need transparent and trustworthy AI that powers automated operations. These capabilities are exactly what Dynatrace AIOps delivers.”