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Dynatrace is launch partner of Amazon AppFlow – a service for easy and secure data transfer

We’re excited to announce that Dynatrace is one of 13 select launch partners for Amazon AppFlow—a newly launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering.

Starting with an initial set of supported applications and capabilities, Amazon AppFlow will continue to grow its integration ecosystem over time. Dynatrace customers can now accelerate their business with our AI-powered answers by securely integrating apps and automating data flows at scale, without code.

What is Amazon AppFlow?

Amazon AppFlow is an application integration service that enables you to securely transfer data between SaaS applications and AWS services like S3 and Redshift in just a few clicks. AppFlow creates bi-directional data flows that can be run on a schedule, in response to business events, or on demand. Data transformation capabilities such as data masking, validation, and filtering empower you to enrich your data as part of the flow itself, without the need for post transfer manipulation. Amazon AppFlow keeps data secure both in transit and at rest with the flexibility to bring your own encryption keys.

Amazon AppFlow and Dynatrace assist in automating your workflows

Automation sits at the heart of the Dynatrace software intelligence platform. We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help you automate your workflows and do more with less. However, ingesting problem data into third party tools takes development effort, as it usually requires the creation of custom code. In today’s fast paced world you can’t afford to write new code for each tool you want to integrate with Dynatrace.

This is why we’re happy to announce support for the newly released AWS service, Amazon AppFlow. As a first step, the initial integration enables you to automatically transfer Dynatrace AI-detected problems (including affected instances and related events) into AWS services. With Amazon AppFlow, you can use any reporting tool that connects to a standard data warehouse (for example, Redshift or Snowflake) to generate custom reports based on the Dynatrace-analyzed problems.

The next step: Leverage AI-powered insights in your other applications

Going forward, this integration will enable you to more broadly leverage the AI-powered insights and unmatched quality of monitoring data that Dynatrace gathers and analyzes.

With upcoming releases, Amazon AppFlow enhancing the integration with Dynatrace and growing its integration ecosystem, you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the valuable use cases that Dynatrace is known and loved for, but that currently require code creation:

  • control your cloud migration progress
  • trigger workflows in your incident management system
  • cross-check and optimize your resources
  • facilitate problem analysis and resolution by pulling external data into Dynatrace
  • enrich your configuration management (CMDB) tool with problem impact details of affected entities

Set up Dynatrace integration for Amazon AppFlow

In your AWS console, go to Amazon AppFlow and define a new data flow.

Then choose Dynatrace as the source of the data.

Authenticate with a Dynatrace API token.

Define the trigger for the ingest.

Finally, choose the destination for the data.


Please visit Dynatrace API documentation to get more information about the types of data you can extract from Dynatrace and the Amazon AppFlow service page.