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Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration transforms how teams work

This past year, we’ve seen organizations rapidly transform and the digital future shows no sign of slowing down. Both Dynatrace and ServiceNow are committed to supporting organizations during this time of transformation.

With the explosion of digital services across every industry, ServiceNow and Dynatrace see three big challenges IT teams are facing as they continue to transform business. These include:

  • IT complexity: Hybrid, multicloud, microservices, and containers make it challenging to see where systems are connected and dependent.
  • Lack of visibility: This makes it nearly impossible for teams to get to the root cause when manually interpreting billions of event sources.
  • User expectations: Lack of insight into the user experience leads to an inability to prioritize those expectations accordingly.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow’s partnership allows organizations to manage this complexity through these three main pillars:

  • Simplify complexity: Through automatic tracing of services, applications, topology, and dependencies, with code-level insights for an end-to-end picture of the entire IT estate.
  • Complete visibility: Deterministic AI provides real-time views into application and infrastructure problem identification with precise root-cause analysis and business impact.
  • Positive user experience: Comprehensive real-user insights enable teams to make proactive and measurable experience improvements before business impact.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow’s strategic integration enables organizations to lean into the new hybrid normal, with integrated platforms designed to eliminate failures, accelerate business outcomes, and perpetuate uninterrupted services.

Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration use cases

In talking to our customers, we’ve learned that some of the main ways they rely on Dynatrace and ServiceNow to deliver enhanced business value include:

  • Minimizing enterprise silos and maximizing digital transformation: Infrastructure and application teams must work together to solve any service or infrastructure issue. The Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration assign issues to the right teams, reducing the need for war-rooms and saves valuable time.
  • Overseeing the big picture of service infrastructure in real-time: The combined Dynatrace and ServiceNow solution is unique in how it gets to the root cause, with deterministic AI to automatically pinpoint the causation of underlying performance issues, including container-based applications. By capturing and ingesting data from Dynatrace, ServiceNow expands correlation identifiers for affected hosts and provides a single source of truth across the IT landscape.
  • Managing change with service infrastructure towards automation: With the addition of Dynatrace’s AI automatic change detection in applications, services, and infrastructure to ServiceNow, users can automatically trigger workflows to execute to remediation of an incident before it can impact the business or end-user.

“ServiceNow is committed to providing the necessary tools for organizations to digitally transform,” said Jeff Hausman, SVP & GM, IT Workflows Operations Management at ServiceNow. “We are pleased to have Dynatrace in our partner ecosystem to increase trust and accelerate time to value for our joint customers as we seek to jointly solve the challenges of transitioning to a hybrid world of work.”

Dynatrace and ServiceNow provide organizations with better decision-making capabilities to accelerate critical business outcomes. Together, this integration delivers the best strategy for intelligent observability, to help organizations meet the challenges that come with the expedited digital transformation.

Dynatrace integrates with ServiceNow in three main ways

  • Incident Integration: Dynatrace automatically identifies service health and performance incidents. The Dynatrace Incident Integration app synchronizes these incidents into the ServiceNow® Event Management Dashboard.
  • CMDB Integration: Dynatrace pulls in vertical and horizontal relationships between CIs and the metadata through integration with ServiceNow. The new Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace observability integrates into ServiceNow CMDB and existing service maps and can enhance the visibility of your environment by understanding how events services are impacted. This saves teams valuable time and resources, enabling them to focus on higher-value initiatives, including driving digital transformation and delivering seamless experiences to customers.
  • Events Integration: Dynatrace pushes events into the ServiceNow Events table, providing complete visibility, including code-level metrics and tracing to proactively reduce service outages.

By tying together deep observability, automated workflows, and configuration data organizations can successfully transform their business.

Learn more about real-time topology for dynamic multicloud environments, enabling smarter, AI-powered answers and continuous automation with ServiceNow.