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Dynatrace Amplify Sales Kickoff: 2022 – Digital Transformation is not an event, it’s a journey

Over the last week, our Dynatrace team has been busy delivering three-star-studded Dynatrace Amplify Sales Kickoff events to our Partner community across the globe. Covering the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, our partner community got a taste of what’s beyond observability and how Dynatrace can help get you and your customers through our deep-dive sales and technical know-how sessions with our technical experts to boost that knowledge even further.

If you couldn’t make the event, not to worry – we’ve wrapped up all the best bits for you below.

Gamechanger speaker line-up

Each event welcomed our Dynatrace executives and technical experts to the stage as they touched on the key priorities for Dynatrace and the direction we’re headed. Michael Allen, VP of Worldwide Partners, kicked off each event, closely followed by Rick McConnell, Dynatrace CEO, who then welcomed our product expert panel with Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management, before getting a look into the future with our Founder & CTO, Bernd Greifeneder.

Intelligent observability and beyond

Michael Allen welcomed our attendees by kickstarting Amplify with a look back at our market momentum from the last fiscal year. Delving into our fantastic year-over-year numbers, Michael highlighted the contribution and impact the partner community has had on Dynatrace’s success and the integral part they continue to make in our growth as a company. Once again, thank you to all of you!

The main topic covered in Michael’s keynote was all about automation driven by intelligent observability and the importance that holds to growth and success in every business.

“There are three macro trends fuelling this shift,” Michael said. “The first is digital transformation. It’s happening now and continues to accelerate as all companies across all industries are transforming as fast as possible to stay ahead of the competition. The second, digital transformers – building out applications on a cloud-first stack, and more increasingly we’re seeing multicloud to host apps and services on. And finally, the rise in AIOps and automation – seen as an imperative and not an option by the organization this is the only way to keep up with modern clouds.”

While each of these trends is a driving force for companies to change the way they work and operate, it’s important their environments are underpinned by a crucial element – Application Security. Michael touched on the opportunity Application Security presents for the next year and the importance this holds when delivering solutions in the wake of Log4j and other vulnerabilities, but you can find out all the details on that in our breakout sessions.

Partner Enablement Journey

A highlight from Michael’s keynote was the announcements around our Dynatrace partner enablement journey, which introduced the new Cloud Solutions Partner Recognition Program.

Building on our existing program, Michael announced that Dynatrace is expanding this further to include our new Dynatrace Cloud Solution Services Partner Program. Launching soon, our new Services Delivery Enablement Journey specifically focuses on bringing partners the tools and skills required to deliver successful observability engagements with customers. It boasts a host of specialization courses including automation of DevSecOps process, observability operations, and more.

“This is about us endorsing and certifying that your teams are as good as our teams,” said Michael. “This new path really recognizes those Partners who have trained and are certified to be at the same height and standards as the Dynatrace Services Team.”

Be sure to re-watch Michael’s Mainstage presentation at your leisure through our on-demand portal for all the details on this announcement.

Accelerating partner growth

Next on Mainstage was Dynatrace CEO Rick McConnell. And he made an impact in his first sentence, “If there is any theme or takeaway I’d love you to have from my session, is that at Dynatrace, we collectively, and I, in particular, are all-in on Partners for Fiscal Year 2023,” he said. “I believe that you are a critical success factor to the ongoing growth of Dynatrace.”

Following his stellar introduction, Rick explained that in a world where users expect interactions and services to be flawless, Dynatrace strives to provide services and experiences to deliver perfect software anywhere in the world.

“We believe as we move into a multicloud hybrid cloud, more complex world on a customer-by-customer basis that dashboards aren’t good enough,” Rick said. “You need a sophisticated AIOps engine that can’t parse hoards of data in order to get to answer.” Covering our mission, purpose, and vision, Rick delved into the specifics of how Dynatrace strives to deliver answers and intelligent automation from data to enable flawless and secure digital interactions in an increasingly complex world.

Rick then moved on to provide an update on our perspective of the market and our strategies, in addition to our recent customer wins and how our Partners can achieve the same success.

First, looking at our product strategy, he explored our individual modules and demonstrated how the delivery of the platform and multi-module strategy and focus comes into play to accelerate value and ARR. Moving to our go-to-market strategy, he reiterated, “On the go-to-market side, the way that I would highlight this is quite simply to call it partners, partners, and partners,” Rick said. “It really is all about you in terms of leverage of the Dynatrace go-to-market model and our opportunity to grow successfully with you and for you as we look to the coming year.”

What does the future hold for Dynatrace?

Our Founder & CTO of Dynatrace, Bernd Greifeneder provided a lens further into the future during his session at Amplify. Heavily focused on automation, his keynote explored how certain industry trends impact us and deliver and accelerate the opportunity for doing business together.

Bernd explored four hard trends and implications ahead of us:

  • Data explosion
  • Data to answers and action
  • Security and observability converge
  • Automate or lose

For each, he went on to discuss how Dynatrace helps overcome each challenge and how our technology can help you and your customers do the same. Be sure to watch his keynote on-demand for all the specific insights.

To close out his presentation, Bernd discussed how Dynatrace and Partners help our customers adopt our platform and its individual modules. “There’s so much innovation, new services, and technology emerging, and that’s why embracing the security abilities of Dynatrace is so important,” Bernd said. “It’s no longer just about observability; think of observability and security converging to bring this all together to Dynatrace. You as partner and us as Dynatrace can make software in the world work perfectly.”

Award-winning game-changers

Closing Mainstage, Michael returned to cover our awards for each region, and you can find all the details of our winners in our latest blog.

Breakouts and more

Building on each of the Mainstage sessions, our Sales and Technical Sales Breakout Tracks drilled down into going beyond observability, best practices for partner sales plays, and live demos of our platform. You can rewatch all the sessions, and any you missed, by jumping back into the platform today.

Hope to see you at our next event, which we hope to be a hybrid!

Keep reading to discover more about Dynatrace’s first annual partner enablement event, Amplify Sales Kickoff, and the exciting initiatives moving forward.