Discussing DevOps and Lifecycle Approaches at Upcoming conferences

We are happy to have the opportunity to talk at several upcoming conferences and user group meetings, and would like to invite you to join our sessions, meets us at the booth, or have a chat in the hallway – we are always eager to hear your feedback and stories about APM in general, DevOps, User Experience Management

In the next days & weeks, we will be at these events:

  • Java Usergroup Berlin – Brandenburg
    January 9 @ 19:00: Continuous Architecture Validation
  • Software Quality Days 2014
    January 15 @ 12:40: LUNCH TIME LEARNING: The Top Reasons Why Applications are slow or fail
    January 16 @ 15:30: Works on my machine, your problem now? – Improving Collaboration between Dev, Test and Ops
  • OOP 2014
    February 4 @ 14:00: Lifecycle by Design – Enabling Collaboration across Development, Test and Production Teams

Wolfgang Gottesheim has nearly ten years of experience as a software engineer for Java Enterprise environments. In his role as Technology Strategist he is involved in the strategic development of Dynatrace. His focal points are Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Twitter: @gottesheim