Digital Performance Tips for a Record-Breaking Thanksgiving Weekend

Retailers across the world are gearing up for the biggest event in their calendars as Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend arrives in full force this week.

What does that mean? Digital performance is front of mind for everyone.

So, I got together with some of our Dynatrace experts today, to bring you our top tips on how to maximize revenue opportunities over the next few days.

More broadly, it’s this weekend that kicks retailers into gear for the busy Christmas period and sets up planning for 2018.

Major learnings from the video below, otherwise just hit play and watch the chat (and a few bloopers along the way 😊)

Crunch time

During the peak shopping period, retailers know that every second counts. Just minutes of digital outage or poor application performance could cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenues.

It’s no surprise then that retailers have spent the last 12 months preparing their websites and apps to take the strain. Here’s the advice our experts offered for any last-minute prep:

  • Test everything – most retailers test to make sure their sites can handle Black Friday traffic, but they usually don’t test everything. As e-commerce apps have grown in complexity, they rely on a mind-boggling range of factors to run seamlessly. You can guarantee that the thing you haven’t tested will be the thing that fails, so it’s essential to test everything and have a full stack perspective.
  • Go light and get rid of video – ahead of any sales peak, it’s good practice to streamline sites and apps by stripping out any heavy content like videos and large images that slow it down under heavy load. As well as boosting performance, that also minimises the costs of serving up content, which could rocket under higher demand.
  • Do you really know your customer? – it’s important for retailers to really understand their customers; knowing everything from what devices they use to access the site, to whether they’re accessing it at home from a desktop, or from a mobile device in one of its stores. That level of insight can really help to optimize the user-experience and maximize conversion rates.

Lending a hand

Of course, we don’t just throw our advice out there then sit back and watch – we try practice what we preach at Dynatrace.

Our team plays an active role in helping our customers to provide great experiences for their own customers over the Black Friday shopping week.

We’re adding a heightened degree of support to our 24/7 operations over the next few days, to make sure our experts are on hand to help at the first sign of any trouble our customers encounter.

Black Friday from the front-lines

We’ll be live-blogging here on Black Friday, sharing our insights and observations on how retailers are holding up under the strain, so check back if you’re interested in seeing how it all unfolds.

We’re also really excited that we’ll be using our new Visually Complete metric to benchmark retailer performance this year– offering the most accurate understanding ever of what users experience when they visit a retailer’s website.

If you have tips of your own to share, we’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line or add your comments below.

Until then, all the best from the team here at Dynatrace for Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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