Cyber Monday Wrap-up: The Power of Positive Performance

When compared to an already busy weekend, Cyber Monday was big this year. This is reflected by an increase in traffic to sites monitored for the Compuware Ecommerce and Retail Real User Measurement Index on Cyber Monday, with traffic volumes that were up 75% over Thanksgiving Day and 30% over Black Friday. To accompany this traffic boom, analysts are already stating that Cyber Monday sales were up 24% over 2011, indicating that this holiday shopping season, especially for online commerce, will be one of the biggest ever.

Traffic was incredibly high to the sites Compuware monitors, with peak traffic lasting from 8AM to 11PM EST. In this already busy day, two periods had the largest number of visitors, with volumes exceeding Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday: 10AM-5PM EST and 7PM-11PM EST. The second of these spikes gave us a strong indicator of the health of the online ecommerce and retail sector, as shopping on Cyber Monday extended well beyond the business day throughout the entire US.

Even with record numbers of visitors coming to online retailers, it is clear that most of them were prepared for the traffic this year. Throughout the holiday weekend and into Cyber Monday, no major retailer suffered a significant online outage. And when issues were detected with sites, in most cases it resulted from third-party content having performance issues, not the host site.

As the online ecommerce and retail world begins to shift its focus to mobile commerce in 2012, it is clear that the visitors are ready to participate. Most sites have stated that there are very clear indicators that traffic is up substantially over 2011, a trend that Compuware has already noted by tracking single day traffic increases for Thanksgiving and Black Friday of over 250% for each day.

Cyber Monday saw mobile traffic volumes that were slightly lower than Black Friday, but this is a relative term as the volume of mobile visitors was substantially higher than these same sites saw the previous week. But even as mobile grows, traffic to the sites Compuware monitors only saw 10% of their visitors access content with a mobile device. We agree that mobile is the fastest growing segment of the online commerce world, but on Cyber Monday shoppers are still overwhelmingly reliant on traditional desktop and laptop browsers when they shop.

Overall, the entire weekend was a success for online retailers, both in terms of sales volumes and site performance. With no major outages, only a few third-party hiccups, a massive increase in the volume of mobile shoppers, and all ecommerce traffic up over 2011, The Thanksgiving Day / Black Friday / Cyber Monday period has been a great start to the holiday shopping season for online retailers.

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  3. Williams-Sonoma
  5. HSN

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  2. Costco
  3. JCPenney
  4. Dell
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