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Snyk + Dynatrace + AWS: Continuous delivery needs continuous security, observability and security

Continuous delivery demands continuous security. To make continuous delivery possible, observability and security need to go hand in hand.

In today’s rapidly evolving business and technology landscape, organizations often prioritize the speed of development over security. The concern is that comprehensive application security in CI/CD environments is too hard to achieve and would slow down development and delivery.

However, achieving end-to-end application security is possible with the right tools and intelligence. Modern solutions like Snyk and Dynatrace offer a way to achieve the speed of modern innovation without sacrificing security.

AI-driven observability from Dynatrace and the Snyk developer-first security platform empower development and operations teams to prioritize vulnerabilities and respond with full insight into business context and potential impact.

Dynatrace + Snyk: Where observability and security converge for continuous security

According to recent research, 69% of CISOs acknowledge that vulnerability management has become increasingly complex, resulting in inadequate security coverage for many applications.

Balancing the need for security with the rapid pace of application development continues to challenge both development and security teams.

Recently, Snyk and Dynatrace introduced the DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage app to address this issue and others like it.

This innovative solution combines Snyk Container and Dynatrace observability data to provide comprehensive reporting—highlighting which running containers have undergone Snyk Container scans. The app provides complete visibility into container scanning during development and production, eliminating security blind spots and aiding vulnerability prioritization.

Bottom line: Continuous delivery needs continuous security. Weaving security into the fabric of your DevOps practice prevents breaches and ensures the delivery of secure digital services.

Observability and security by the numbers

Maintaining continuous security is critical for continuous delivery but remains a challenge for most organizations, according to recent research:

  • Only 37% of organizations have any runtime vulnerability management, and only 4% have runtime vulnerability management for containers.
  • 34% of CIOs say they sacrifice code security to deliver innovation quicker.
  • 49% of CIOs focus on testing security in production, but less than 31% look at security in development.

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For a closer look at the numbers from the Dynatrace, Snyk, and AWS joint research, plus more statistics on how automation increases efficiencies and reduces security risks, see the infographic report, Continuous delivery needs continuous security.

Modern application development does not need to overwhelm your development teams.

Snyk provides a developer-friendly security platform that helps developers find and fix vulnerabilities in every application component. Customers report that Snyk has helped drive substantial ROI in time savings and risk avoidance in the past year — a 2x increase in return on investment from 2022.

Dynatrace provides powerful AI-based observability, putting all your infrastructure, applications, and events in context. Together, Snyk and Dynatrace drive DevSecOps practices and give you end-to-end visibility into the security and risk for your applications from development to production.

Dynatrace + Snyk helps developers build apps securely, efficiently, and in line with their security and operations teams.

Bottom line: Automating security in development will enhance quality, time to delivery, and operational efficiency:

  • 44% decrease in mean time to fix vulnerabilities for customers using the Snyk platform.
  • 3.2% reduction in critical severity vulnerabilities for enterprise customers.
  • 142% increase on average in vulnerabilities (high and critical severity) that each customer organization has fixed in the past year.
  • 249% increase in code base coverage on average.
  • 2.2 fewer development full-time employees are needed for container maintenance, on average.

Dynatrace + Snyk + AWS: Strengthening your DevSecOps practice with continuous security

Operating on AWS’s cloud infrastructure provides scalability, reliability, and a wide range of services to support modern application development and operations.

Combining Dynatrace, Snyk, and AWS creates a robust ecosystem for developing, deploying, monitoring, and securing modern applications.

AWS provides the cloud infrastructure, Dynatrace ensures application performance and observability, and Snyk enhances security throughout the development lifecycle. This combination helps organizations deliver reliable, scalable, and secure applications in the cloud.

Automating vulnerability management: Meet the experts

Shivam Jindal, a partner solutions architect at Snyk, and Susan St. Clair, principal security solutions engineer at Dynatrace, recently joined AWS’ Matt Girdharry in a panel discussion to unravel the challenges of application security and shed light on the importance of automation in vulnerability management.

1. The merger of observability and security

The panel emphasized the need for merging observability and security. By integrating Dynatrace and Snyk, developers can gain visibility and context throughout the development and operation process. Jindal, a partner solutions architect at Snyk, noted, “Integrating security into the development workflow not only enhances security but also boosts efficiency.”

2. Automating vulnerability management

The experts underscored the importance of automating vulnerability management to ensure secure deployments. St. Clair elaborated, “The Dynatrace platform’s integration with container scanning tools helps in automating security, reducing human error, and speeding up the deployment process.”

3. Leveraging the AWS Marketplace

Girdharry, the worldwide lead of observability and security for AWS Partnerships, highlighted the benefits of utilizing the AWS Marketplace to access tools like Dynatrace and Snyk. “The AWS marketplace simplifies the process of finding, buying, and deploying software, including security solutions like Snyk and Dynatrace. It’s a one-stop-shop for enhancing your cloud security,” he said.

Observability and security converge in the DevSecOps lifecycle coverage with Snyk overview
Connect Snyk container scans and Dynatrace runtime insights to focus on what really matters. Find and fix vulnerabilities that leaked into runtime with DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage with Snyk.

As businesses continue to navigate the digital landscape, these insights will help ensure a secure and efficient development process. The power of Snyk and Dynatrace integration, the emphasis on automation, and the convenience of the AWS marketplace are shaping the future of secure software development.

Try Dynatrace and Snyk for free or purchase on the AWS Marketplace.

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