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Observability and security are key to closing vulnerability gaps

We asked 1,300 CISOs about the state of application security and DevSecOps in their organizations. Here’s what we heard:

  • Modern multiclouds help organizations innovate faster, but drive complexity and vulnerabilities
  • Incomplete observability solutions are creating big gaps in capability
  • Observability powered by answers and intelligent automation is key to closing those gaps

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Key findings: Security teams are stretched thin

Modern cloud-native delivery has made it harder for organizations to reduce and manage enterprise risk throughout the software development lifecycle. Here’s why.

They don’t have real-time insight

Only 25% of security teams can access a fully accurate, continuously updated report of every application and code library running in production in real time.

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Risk is a real issue

Less than 40% of organizations have runtime vulnerability management capabilities.

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They’re not ready for the next Log4Shell. Or the next. Or the next.

Only 41% of CISOs are fully confident their teams could identify and resolve all instances of Log4Shell in their environment.

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They need answers and intelligent automation to fill coverage gaps

79% of CISOs say that automatic, continuous runtime vulnerability management is key to filling the gap in the capabilities of existing security solutions.

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Dynatrace as a company, a technology leader and software organization, made a major transformation from a Waterfall/Agile model towards a DevOps continuous deployment — actually a NoOps model — that greatly helped us to innovate much faster.
Bernd Greifeneder SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Dynatrace

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