Code-level error analysis for PHP

Beginning with Agent v1.85, Dynatrace offers code-level visibility for PHP deep-monitoring support. We’ve now additionally added code-level error visibility for PHP monitoring.

To view PHP code-level errors:

  1. Click the Services tile on your Dynatrace homepage.
  2. Select any web-request service that has PHP deep monitoring enabled.
  3. If you see a Failure rate for the service or any of its web requests, click the Failure rate tab. code-level error analysis
  4. Click into the timeline chart to select a 30-minute time frame during which errors occurred for analysis.
  5. Click the View details of failures button to view details and the root cause of the errors. code-level error analysisThe return code of each failed request is displayed. A No response message is displayed if an error broke PHP execution completely. In the example below, you can see that all requests failed because of a die or exit function in the PHP code. code-level error analysis
  6. Click the Details buttons to view messages and access code-level view.code-level error analysis
  7. When a die or exit function doesn’t include a message, the exit code is displayed instead.
    code-level error analysis