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Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring now generally available

While support for full-stack monitoring of your Cloud Foundry clusters and deployed applications has been in beta for a while now, we’re happy to announce general availability of Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring as of today.

Benefits of Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring

When deploying Dynatrace OneAgent to your Cloud Foundry VMs you get:

  • Cloud Foundry cluster-health monitoring for facilitating platform and resource optimization
  • Monitoring insights into all Cloud Foundry components, including Diego Cells, Diego Brain, Gorouter, Consul, and more
  • Health metrics for each Cloud Foundry VM, including CPU usage, Disk IO, and Network IO
  • Automatic monitoring of Cloud Foundry applications, down to the code and query level, thanks to built-in auto-injection for Garden-runC containers
  • Automatic distributed service tracing, which provides an overview of the health of your entire microservices architecture

For full details, please refer to the earlier blog post about Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring with Dynatrace.

Get started with Dynatrace full-stack monitoring for Cloud Foundry

The Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH Release allows you to deploy OneAgent to your Cloud Foundry cluster VMs, including Diego Cells and others. The BOSH release also covers deployment of OneAgent to Windows Diego Cells, thereby enabling automatic monitoring of .NET Framework-based applications. Further, the BOSH release is also available for Pivotal Cloud Foundry. You can download the Dynatrace Full-Stack add-on from the Pivotal Network as well.

To benefit from Cloud Foundry application monitoring down to the code and query level, you need to enable Dynatrace Garden container monitoring by going to Settings > Monitoring > Monitored technologies. On the Monitored technologies tab, scroll down and enable the Garden container switch.

Note: Monitoring support for Garden-runC containers is still in a beta phase.

For complete installation details, see Dynatrace Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring guidelines.

Stay tuned

There are a lot of great new capabilities around the corner when it comes to Cloud Foundry full-stack monitoring with Dynatrace. For example, you’ll soon be able to explore HTTP metrics for your Cloud Foundry Gorouter processes. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, tell us what you think about the Dynatrace OneAgent BOSH Release. Please share your feedback with us at Dynatrace Community.