Cloud Expo in NYC coming soon

Another year and another Cloud Expo in New York. This year I will be giving two different presentations.

The first is on Application Performance Monitoring in the Clouds. In this talk I will cover the 5 top lessons we have learned about performance and cloud applications.

The second is about Performance Management in ‘Big Data’ Applications. Most articles that I found on performance and big data are about the performance options on the  Big Data product itself, but tend to be pretty light the application itself. In this talk I will cover the two sides of BigData (Hadoop MapReduce and NoSQL) and analyze how these new technologies affect the application performance discipline.

I am also happy to announce that Edward Capriolo will be co-speaking. Edward supports both Hadoop and Cassandra at m6d (Media6Degrees) is the author of the High Performance Cassanda Cookbook, and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation as a Committer for Hive.

The conference is starting next week on Monday the 11th of June in New York.  If you have a chance to be there make sure not to miss my Talks.  If you are interested come to the Dynatrace booth for personal Dynatrace demo or just to chat about your experience with cloud and big data performance.

see you there, Michael Kopp

Those who know me know that I'm passionate about 3 things: rock climbing, physics, and performance. I've worked in performance monitoring and optimizations in enterprise environments for the better part of the last 10 years. Now as a Product Manager I am doing my best to build those experiences into Dynatrace.