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Microsoft Azure digital transformation: Embracing the power of cloud technology with next-gen observability

The standards for user experience in consumer platforms have spilled over into the business-to-business realm. Users have come to expect exceptional experiences, and they want them immediately. To make this happen, enterprises are shifting an unprecedented volume of workloads onto cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure. This massive migration is critical to organizations’ digital transformation, placing cloud technology front and center and elevating the need for greater visibility, efficiency, and scalability delivered by a unified observability and security platform.

Digital transformation journeys are accelerating

Digital transformation is no longer optional. While early digital transformation journeys were implemented to achieve competitive advantages, that is no longer the case. Digital transformation is now imperative and required for companies to meet customer demands and remain relevant, not to mention profitable. Digital transformation is only going to speed up, not slow down, and companies must remain on top of it.

How Azure digital transformation helps

There are three ways that Microsoft Azure can help organizations do more with less when it comes to organizations’ digital transformation journeys.

  • Migration. The benefits of migrating on-premises workloads to the Cloud become evident quickly. It then promotes a snowball effect as the more you migrate, the more you save on IT and energy expenditures. Additionally, the Cloud’s scalable resources make it easier to adapt to fluctuating demands while also accelerating deployment times for applications.
  • Optimization. While the initial cost savings from cloud migration are easy wins, the subsequent challenge lies in running Azure workloads as efficiently as possible. This is where having a strong observability partner is paramount to help teams understand in an efficient and scalable way, how to optimize workloads to maximize cloud experience.
  • Thoughtful reinvestment. Reinvesting resource savings into new technologies built for sustainability, innovation, and efficiency ensures that enterprises are equipped with the tools to enable greater business continuity and accelerate growth. As we continue to evolve into an edge economy, it’s imperative that enterprise teams are evaluating and investing in solutions designed for innovation to proactively prepare for the next evolution.

The current decade has brought forth multiple challenges, including a pandemic, surging energy costs, supply chain disruptions, and fluctuating macroeconomic conditions. The culmination of all this is pressuring organizations on multiple fronts. The speed of change is only going to accelerate, thus requiring more innovation. The key is to identify the trends that will shape these future challenges. At a recent Dynatrace Perform conference, Priya Satheesh, Senior Director of Global ISV Sales at Microsoft, shared three trends enterprises should prepare for.

  • Sustainable living. Companies have a business initiative to reduce their carbon emission footprint and make sustainability goals more pronounced. Migrating further to the Cloud will play a key role in this effort, and Microsoft Cloud Sustainability is empowering organizations to accelerate sustainability progress and business growth.
  • Observability with AI and automation. Observability is inherent to any cloud strategy. In the past, a vendor tool supplied a list of prescribed metrics and then set some thresholds so that when conditions exceeded those metrics, teams received an alert that something was wrong. Organizations then had to manually react to it. Observability that uses causal and generative AI, predictive analytics, and automated remediation enables organizations to detect and fix problems before they cause disruption, keeping organizations one step ahead of possible disruptive issues.
  • Security. Everything we do underpins security, so it must be embedded in everything we do. Thanks to advanced AI operations, organizations can now have continuous runtime application security.

Those organizations already using Azure as their strategic cloud provider can look to Dynatrace to bring down the barrier between development, operations, and security. It is now possible to use one unified observability and security platform to achieve greater transparency over their environment to drive greater system resilience, performance, scalability, and security, reducing total cost of ownership.

Fully automated, AI-assisted observability across Azure digital transformation

The Azure Native Dynatrace Service integrates the Dynatrace user experience directly within the Azure portal to deliver a streamlined interface. This enables Azure customers to effortlessly tap into the intelligent observability, automated insights, and runtime application security features that Dynatrace delivers directly within the Azure environment. Additionally, this integration centralizes billing, permitting users to receive a singular, all-inclusive bill for all Azure services, Dynatrace included. This creates a billing process that is simplified and straightforward. Furthermore, Single Sign-On (SSO) can be enabled via Azure Active Directory, eliminating the necessity for separate Dynatrace portal authentication. This enhancement leads to fortified security, augmented compliance, and improved collaboration across teams.

The technical integration between the two platforms offers immediate, ready-to-use features that automatically send logs and metrics to Dynatrace as soon as its resource on Azure is activated. This Azure-based integration also enables organizations to quickly view a summary of all monitored resources tied to their subscription.

Setting the course for Azure digital transformation

Digital transformation means transitioning on-premises to the Cloud, and Dynatrace is innovating digital transformation with scalable observability that helps ensure organizations efficient, secure, and streamlined operations. Together, Dynatrace and Azure are setting the course for success for enterprises tomorrow.

Interested in learning more? Watch our on-demand session, Embracing Efficiency in the Cloud with Azure and Dynatrace.