Michael Kopp

Those who know me know that I'm passionate about 3 things: rock climbing, physics, and performance. I've worked in performance monitoring and optimizations in enterprise environments for the better part of the last 10 years. Now as a Senior Principal, Product, Application & Microservices, I am doing my best to build those experiences into Dynatrace.

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Request attributes: Numerical values, aggregations, & deep object access

AIX support for Java & IBM/Apache HTTP Server now in general release

Analyze memory dumps for Java and Node.js

Extended service filtering provides even more powerful analysis

Diagnostic tools now consolidated for easy access

Announcing immediate support for .NET Core 2.0

Automate the tagging of entities with environment variables

Request attributes: Java method argument capture is now supported

Easily configure detection of your environment’s custom application services

Compare service request performance and behavior over time

Enhanced process-group detection supports customer-specific deployment schemes

PurePath visualization: Analyze each web request from end-to-end

Request attributes: Simplify request searches & filtering

New permissions limit capture & viewing of sensitive data

Customizable naming for auto-detected server-side services

Advanced process group availability monitoring

Improved design & functionality of Service pages

Automated rule-based tagging for services

Simplified process-group detection for non-Java processes

Enhanced filtering for Service flow and response time analysis

Crash analysis for processes is now available!

Availability monitoring and alerting for process groups!

Now you can analyze Nginx CPU consumption!

Code-level visibility now available for Node.js