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Amplify PowerUP: Powering modernization with observability

Amplify PowerUP, our partner enablement update event continued the conversation from the last event in May as we extended the journey from APM to observability by focusing on observability powering cloud modernization.

As enterprises look to speed innovation, minimize risk, and modernize the way they work in the cloud, there’s a huge opportunity to redefine how IT is architected, deployed, and operated. Our keynote speakers shared what that opportunity looks like for Dynatrace, our partners, and ultimately our customers as we explored how to grow larger, more differentiated services offerings that accelerate transformation and power modernization.

On the guest list

As always, our event boasted a high caliber guest list as attendees were joined by Dynatrace experts and executives – Rick McConnell, CEO; Michael Allen, VP Worldwide Partners; Steve Tack, SVP Product Management, and many more friendly faces our partner community know and love.

Powering modernization with observability

Michael Allen welcomed all virtual partner attendees by kicking off Amplify PowerUP with a round-up of our latest financial results and the fantastic momentum this gives us going into the final quarter of our fiscal year. Diving into what has been an excellent quarter for Dynatrace, Michael thanked our partner community for the part they played in our success, “Q2 was another super strong performance from yourselves, our partners, and I want to thank you for all your ongoing support – we truly recognize your contribution to Dynatrace’s success, and I’m looking forward to sharing the full year results with you at our next Amplify event in May 2023.”

The key topic Michael brought to Amplify was around the opportunity the changing economic and technological landscape presents, explaining that observability shouldn’t be seen as a bolt-on but instead be seen as a built-in element to an intelligent platform.

“When the world experiences tougher times, we see organizations turn to technology to gain efficiencies, to transform through digitization and automation. And to put that more simply, it’s all about doing more with less,” Michael said. “Then, we look at the user’s expectations – they’ve gone through the roof.  And that world of basic observability where humans are left to be, that intelligence layer simply does not scale. So, observability shouldn’t be seen as a bolt-on but built-in to automatically self-heal before the end-users are impacted, and that’s really what Dynatrace is all about; it’s about Cloud Done Right, allowing faster and more efficient innovation with greater security.”

Before passing the mic over to Rick McConnell, CEO at Dynatrace, Michael continued by looking at the most compelling offerings that partners are building now and planning for in the future, which brought him to his next topic and formal announcement of our newly launched Services Endorsement Program which is now available to our partners.

One of the driving forces behind the program’s evolution goes back to a point Michael discussed previously – user expectations are ever-increasing, with our customers dependent on innovation and automated solutions. And so, we needed a way to address this increasing demand and deliver the services our customers require.

“This announcement builds on one I made during the last Amplify event, and it’s our evolved partner enablement journey specifically around partner services,” Michael said. “With this program, we wanted to raise the bar even further, helping our partners differentiate not only in being solution experts in the Dynatrace platform but allowing partners who have been accredited by Dynatrace to possess a similar level of skills and experience as our own Dynatrace ACE consultants. This certifies our partners with the skills needed to plan, architect, and deliver services projects successfully and independently.”

To learn more about our Services Endorsement Program, check out the webpage.

Partners, partners, partners

Taking to the virtual stage, Rick continued the trajectory of growth and innovation as he expressed his gratitude to our partners, their commitment and energy, and how our partnerships will underpin the company’s success in years to come.

“Our partner program at Dynatrace is key to our success and contributes to the health of our business as we look to the future because your success is our success,” said Rick. “I think partners, partners, partners. That is how we’re going to grow Dynatrace, and we’re going to do it together with all of you.”

Rick’s session was all about evolution – touching on Dynatrace’s expanded presence around the world – and what this means for our partner ecosystem, our customers, and how this, combined with the current climate, is what we see as an opportunity for further growth and differentiation in the market.

“This series of challenges present an opportunity for advancement. It is an opportunity, as we say, to win. And we’d like to do that in conjunction with you,” Rick said. “This is leading to more digital transformation. It’s leading to more evolution in the business model, and now more than ever, it’s critical that we be engaged with our customers to enable them to win.”

Speaking to our vision, mission, and purpose, Rick touched on how cloud modernization is no longer about dashboards or data but about using AI and knowledge of our infrastructure to deliver precise answers, which is essential to enable flawless and secure digital interactions – our purpose at Dynatrace.

“Those interactions have resulted in all of us as end-users having no patience. We want our user experience to be perfect, and at Dynatrace, we want to enable you to deliver through your customers, partners, and clients solutions that work perfectly,” Rick said. “As we think about this opportunity, it leads to our goal, which is to successfully deliver a world that we think of as Cloud Done Right. This is the notion that without end-to-end observability, without the automated control, without the understanding of what’s happening in your IT ecosystem, as an organization, you simply can’t deliver software that works perfectly.”

Before concluding his session, Rick thanked our virtual audience again as he looked forward to 2023 being a game-changing year.

Powering UP innovations

One of the most highly anticipated keynote sessions is always Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management, as he brought us up to speed on the latest and greatest product innovations and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Unsurprisingly, innovation was top of his things to talk about following the recent announcement of Grail, a causational data lakehouse, which will revolutionize data analytics and management by unifying observability, security, and business data from multicloud environments, retaining its context, and delivering instant and precise AI-powered answers and automation.

Steve talked about the trends we see in the market and how those themes impact changes and openg opportunities, as well as demonstrating the key differentiators and advantages he believes Dynatrace holds in this new era of cloud modernization.

“The role of observability is expanding in the market,” said Steve. “When you think about these modern environments, only Dynatrace brings that unified view across all signals into that one perspective.”

To meet these changing and increasing demands, Steve talked about how Davis is becoming even more core and integral to everything we do at Dynatrace.

“We continue to advance Davis new capabilities to modern environments, and one of the exciting things that have just been introduced is the ability to do exploratory analysis on top of data, bringing Davis to more of an ad-hoc, interrogative way to go across the data. Instead of dealing with the problems that Davis will automatically capture, we can now look at areas where you’re pre-empting issues and understand where those pressure points are,” Steve said. “And this is an area where partners play a huge role. Anytime there’s change, or new capabilities, but also new problems that get introduced, this is where Dynatrace connects with partners who can help those end customers be successful on those new cloud-native initiatives.”

Watch his session on-demand to hear all the details that Steve delved into and what you can expect to see coming to the Dynatrace platform.

Amplifying partner opportunities

Partner events at Dynatrace are not just about hearing what’s happening and what’s coming; they’re about enabling our partners. And this was the running theme through the second half of the event, where we saw Matt Keenan, Senior Director of Partner Marketing, and Isabel Carvahlo, Director of Worldwide Partner Program Management, expand on new and improved ways Dynatrace partners can leverage our investment in marketing and partner tools to generate reoccurring revenue pipeline and source new deals.

Matt and Isabel weren’t the only ones going deep on partner enablement insights. We also heard from Dynatrace technical experts Ahmed El-Jafoufi, Global Partner Enablement Architect, and Alasdair Patton, Director Partner Sales Engineering, who provided a lively session on the new tools and role-based training paths available to help partners expand their learning and achieve Dynatrace certifications that demonstrate expertise and experience to customers and prospects.

They went into detail on how to optimize the proof of concept (POC) experience, the benefits of POCs, and how these can provide new opportunities and demonstrate the value of Dynatrace, as well as providing the low-down on all the latest Dynatrace Bootcamp training information to help support partners throughout their certification and enablement journey.

To learn more about the certifications, badges, and Bootcamp programs the pair talked about, check out the session on-demand and learn how to get started on your enablement journey with Dynatrace.

See you in 2023!

That’s a wrap on our partner enablement Amplify events for 2022, but we look forward to seeing our partner community at our next partner event happening in the Spring of 2023, where we hope to see you in person as well as virtually!