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Prometheus monitoring

Unlock the power of Prometheus with Dynatrace’s intelligent analytics, scalability, and automation to enable flawless and secure digital interactions.

What is Prometheus monitoring?

Prometheus is an open source monitoring and alerting toolkit for services and applications that run in containers. Developed first at SoundCloud, the project became part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Prometheus is now the industry standard for both containerized infrastructure and classic implementation scenarios, especially within Kubernetes clusters.

  • Gain detailed actionable insights

    Achieve global visibility and visualize metrics with state-of-the-art dashboards.

  • Get in-depth performance analysis

    Analyze Prometheus metrics in the full context of topology, traces, logs, user sessions, and more.

  • Pinpoint problems with Prometheus metrics

    Reduce alert noise and accelerate your mean time to repair (MTTR) for infrastructure incidents.

Simplify Kubernetes observability with Prometheus

Dynatrace leverages K8s pod annotations to integrate Prometheus metrics into Dynatrace and puts them into the context of other metrics, logs and traces through automatic topology mapping.

Once the data is ingested by Dynatrace, users can then take advantage of all Dynatrace features:

  • Auto-baselining and intelligent root cause analysis
  • Manage zones to control access to your data
  • SLO and anomaly detection rules to handle your alerts directly in Dynatrace
  • Dashboards to visualize metrics in context , including Dynatrace metrics, Prometheus, custom metrics, logs, and so on.

Ingest Prometheus metrics from managed cloud services

Dynatrace has partnered with Amazon to enable you to ingest metrics from Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP). This integration is ideal for organizations that have standardized on AWS and need enterprise-grade support for adopting OpenMetrics standards. You can easily extract Prometheus metrics from AMP into your Dynatrace Managed or SaaS environment and make them available for further analysis, charting, and alerting.

Utilize Dynatrace extensions based on Prometheus metrics

Prometheus-based Dynatrace extensions enable intelligent observability for more than 200 additional technologies. No matter whether you’re using official, custom-made, or third-party Prometheus exporters, you can easily collect metrics for intelligent observability of your environment, enabling you to:

  • Analyze Prometheus metrics in the full context of topology, traces, logs, user sessions, and more.
  • Leverage auto-baselining to reduce alert noise and minimize configuration efforts.
  • Benefit from the scale, manageability, and security of the Dynatrace platform for large ecosystems.

Get started with just a few steps

By importing Prometheus metrics into Dynatrace, you also gain:

  • User permissions management on top of your Prometheus metrics
  • Significant reduction of maintenance tasks related to Prometheus infrastructure
  • Full advantage of all Dynatrace features (notify your teams in case of problems, define dashboards, SLOs, etc.) on top of Prometheus native metrics.
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Kubernetes in the wild report 2023: Kubernetes adoption statistics

Kubernetes adoption continues to expand as modern, cloud-native computing is increasingly connected to services running in containers.

In this survey report, Dynatrace uses factual Kubernetes production data from thousands of organizations worldwide to show how organizations actually use Kubernetes in production.

Findings provide insights into the following:

  • How Kubernetes infrastructure differs between on-premises and cloud
  • Advanced Kubernetes platform technologies practitioners use
  • Leading programming languages practitioners prefer for application workloads
  • Open source software that drives a vibrant Kubernetes ecosystem
  • How Kubernetes has emerged as the “operating system” of the cloud

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When we started at Kroger we had a different monitoring solution, that we had dealt with for the last five years, and I'm not going to name drop but it was not as ‘dynamic’ as they said that it should be.
Jay Cotton Performance Engineer Lead at Kroger

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