Wire data analytics for managing the performance of enterprise applications

Ensure great performance and user experience for all your enterprise applications

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Wire data analytics for performance management of enterprise applications

Wire data reveals the entire application landscape

Dynatrace uses wire data to observe the entire enterprise landscape – applications, clients, servers, and network - with performance and availability insights based on real user experience.

  • Real-time analytics instantly locate problems across client, server, and network domains.
  • Prioritize performance improvements based on slowest transaction components.
  • Dynatrace reconciles disparate domain-based views of app performance, for better teamwork in problem solving.
Dynatrace analyzes every transaction in real-time, measuring every domain’s contribution to overall response time, so your team knows exactly where to begin to fix a problem or speed up performance.
Link infrastructure metrics directly to application performance.
Triage ops activity with an understanding of affected users and business operations.

Get insights into performance and user experience in corporate application environments

Extend visibility with efficient probe-based monitoring

Instrumenting at a central point in the data center offers an expansive view of application and infrastructure activity.

  • A single connection extends performance monitoring to all of your enterprise apps.
  • Wire data monitoring is passive, so it has zero overhead.
  • Probe-based monitoring complements the code-level visibility of an agent-based approach.
Dynatrace monitors all your enterprise applications, including custom and packaged applications like SAP, Oracle EBS, MS Exchange, and Citrix.
Many application services and technologies are supported, like IBM MQ, XML/SOAP, LDAP, and VoIP, as well as databases including Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL.

Keep pace with the dynamic data center with wire data

Dynatrace tracks the structure of the software-defined data center for faster, more accurate problem solving.

  • Continuously discover users, business level transactions, applications, services, and infrastructure.
  • Keep an accurate run-time picture of your enterprise application ecosystem.
  • Incorporate dynamic components that aren’t instrumented directly.
Dynatrace discovers users, application services, business-level transactions, and infrastructure components like virtual networks, sites, and links.
Quickly gain insight into how users, applications and services use network links and tunnels.
Dynatrace correlates network service quality with user experience, helping you focus on conditions that impact the business.

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