User behavior analytics

Understand user behavior with big data analytics based on gap-free data.

Analyze user behavior to optimize customer experience

Dynatrace behavioral analytics provides out-of-the-box insights into user behavior powered by artificial intelligence, leveraging end-to-end monitoring of every single customer journey.

User behavior analytics give you fast insights into application entry and exit points, new vs. returning users, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Know your most popular landing pages and monitor their performance and failure rates in real time. See where your customers are dropping off and eliminate costly technical issues. Stream real-user data into your data warehouse and explore further, for example with heat maps.


“At Pandora, we’re all about the user experience so performance is extremely important. Dynatrace helps me to benchmark to make sure that everyone is meeting our SLA.”

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“As an online retailer, website and mobile performance is critical to our organization because it directly correlates with the customer experience and revenue generation. That’s why we rely on Dynatrace.”

Compare behavior and conversions across all channels

Customers access your applications from multiple web browsers, mobile devices, and geographic regions.

Omni-channel analysis makes it easy to compare user experience, bounce rates, conversion rates, and traffic across each of your marketing channels. Leverage PureLytics to learn more about your customers and answer user-behavior questions based on real-time data. Track conversions in real time.

Understanding user behavior

Understanding User Behavior: More than Just a Response Time

In our-demand webinar—no registration required—Understanding User Behavior: More than Just a Response Time, Solutions Engineer Wayne Segar explores how Dynatrace analyzes user behavior so that you can better understand how application performance affects customer experience. Wayne examines common scenarios in which Dynatrace has enabled businesses to realize bottom-line value through user behavior analysis.

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Omni-Channel Monitoring in Real Life

Omni-Channel Monitoring in Real Life

As today’s businesses invest heavily in their omni-channel strategy, the question that immediately comes up is: how do you measure success? Omni-channel investments need unified omni-channel analytics. In this blog post, Omni-Channel Monitoring in Real Life, Senior Technology Strategist Klaus Enzenhofer shares how one company brought all key metrics together on a single dashboard.


Nordstrom case study: Understanding how performance impacts business

Read this customer case study to see how Nordstom’s IT department leveraged Dynatrace to partner with the business to provide detailed insight into customer behavior and get “terrific intelligence in terms of user behavior interactions.”

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Resolve user complaints instantly

With Dynatrace you can know why a user is calling your support team even before the conversation starts.

Know in seconds when a user experiences technical issues during their interaction with your application. Reduce hours of manual troubleshooting down to seconds with our breakthrough analytics engine. Use Dynatrace PureLytics to learn where your frustrated users are coming from, which devices they’re using, which application versions they’re running, and many other potential causes.

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