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By combining excellent monitoring capabilities with outstanding log analytics, Dynatrace empowers DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot from one place.

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Log analytics out-of-the-box

Dynatrace log analytics automatically discovers all log files on your monitored hosts and processes.

  • Auto-detect and immediately analyze log files of important processes
  • Filter relevant log files by keywords and time range
  • Analyze single or multiple log files at once
  • Get full access on-demand on your host or archive all logs via external storage, as well as in the cloud
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Central log data storage now available

Centralized log data storage gives you full access and retention of your log data, especially important for dynamic environments where servers may come and go frequently. Troubleshooting a problem related to a host that’s no longer running? No problem.

Learn more about Log Analytics storage.

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Full stack monitoring has you covered

Dynatrace provides the most comprehensive set of monitoring and analytics capabilities, 100% gap-free data, and the broadest technology coverage.

  • Infrastructure monitoring — including servers, containers, and cloud
  • Built-in log analytics in monitoring context
  • Full stack application performance monitoring
  • Full insights into customer experience
  • Business analytics
Dynatrace offers digital performance monitoring for business stakeholders, operations, and development.

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“Dynatrace told us exactly how we’re using our environment, so we know what resources to move to the cloud for greater productivity and efficiency. You get instant value from Dynatrace.”
Nestor Zapata, Lead Systems Administrator

Agile troubleshooting for DevOps

Log analytics helps DevOps and QA teams perform their jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • Quickly find interesting log messages
  • Group similar log lines into one entry
  • Define patterns to receive pro-active notifications
  • Automatically see the root cause of problems
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We are best friends with your existing infrastructure

Level-up your application performance monitoring with log analytics!

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