Log analytics

Automatically correlate host-process log data with problems detected in your environment.

Optimize operations with Dynatrace log analytics

Dynatrace log analytics extends your monitoring reach well beyond traditional APM data sources. Log analytics helps DevOps, Development, and QA teams perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. With Dynatrace log analytics you get direct access to all log content related to your mission-critical processes:

Log viewer

Log file analytics out-of-the-box: no configuration required

Dynatrace log analytics automatically discovers all log files on your monitored hosts and processes. Filter relevant log files by keywords and time range.

Easy log access

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“Dynatrace log analytics is simply awesome—what a great feature! I was only thinking not so long before that I could really do with some good log analysis tools, now I don’t need one.”

Speed up problem resolution through smart log analytics

Dynatrace automatically identifies log entries related to performance issues.

Log problem context

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