I am doing another Webinar on Best Practices for AJAX Performance Analysis with Andrew Espinosa from Monster.com.

Date: December 16th, 2009, 6pm/Noon/9am CET/ET/PT – register here!

Monster.com – the worlds leading internet job portal – was challenged with the same AJAX Performance Problems as other Web 2.0 companies are facing. Long page load times and unresponsive pages caused by JavaScript resulted in bad end user experience.

Join Andrew and me on this webinar where you will learn firsthand about:

  • Typical challenges with creating interactive and engaging AJAX applications
  • Problems with traditional JavaScript profilers
  • Why dynaTrace built the free dynaTrace AJAX Edition
  • AJAX Challenges Monster.com faced
  • How Monster.com resolved these with dynaTrace AJAX Edition
  • Results and benefits Monster.com has achieved
  • Recommendations for Best Practices from Monster.com to more effectively engineer and test high-performance AJAX applications

The webinar will be recorded in case you cannot make it to the live event. Find this webinar and all other webinars under the recorded webinars section.