Kristof Renders

Kristof is passionate about technology and has focused his career around optimizing it. During his 5 years of experience in the APM industry he has worked with customers all around the world, aiding them to identify and resolve performance problems as well as streamline their application delivery. In his current role as EMEA Architect for the Enablement Services division of Dynatrace, he guarantees that customers maximize the potential of their APM investment and helps them to identify a suitable strategy going forward. His software development background combined with keen business sense allows him to forge relationships with both sides and bridge the gap between business and technology.

Kristof Renders's articles

Common Architectural Pitfalls in PHP/Drupal Applications Identified in 15 Minutes

As a services architect I have visited a plethora of customers & mature IT shops from around the world. The following story is from one of my latest engagements at a prominent Belgian company that hosts various newspapers using an Apache/PHP infrastructure that is running Drupal. This organization had been struggling with performance issues for a while but had no way to dive into the transactions to analyze… read more