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We’re professionals & that is how we roll…

The other night, a few members of the Innovation Lab and the Product Management team decided that it’s time again to head out in the evening and have fun together. Even though we work closely together on a daily basis, we still like to spend time together after working hours. This reflects that Dynatracers are not only technical experts working on the worlds most awesome monitoring solution, but also have… read more

Java 9 language features

Java 9 ships with some minor—yet awesome—new language features that make developing easier and cleaner. In this post, we’ll take a look at three of these new features. Private interface methods You probably remember interface methods, which were introduced in Java 8. These are required so that Java itself, as well as framework vendors, can add new methods to interfaces without breaking pre-existing implementations. As these methods can become rather… read more

Solaris support for Java & Oracle/Apache HTTP Server now available (beta)

Dynatrace is proud to announce the availability of support for Solaris for Java and Apache HTTP Server (beta). What you get Service monitoring, code-level insights for Java with full framework support Service monitoring and real user monitoring for OHS/Apache Basic process and host-level monitoring metrics For complete instructions on setting up Dynatrace to monitor your Solaris based applications, please see How do I install OneAgent on Solaris? View… read more

How to ensure your customers’ data privacy during monitoring

The personal and professional lives of your customers and other consumers around the world increasingly take place online in the digital realm. It’s therefore not a surprise that data privacy is now such an urgent topic of concern. Countries around the globe have adopted various regulations to ensure the protection of their citizens’ personal information, and more regulation is certainly on the way. Your responsibilities for ensuring data privacy As a… read more

Using Dynatrace to Monitor RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Robots and BotFarms.

“What are you doing Dave?”  I’m writing a blog article on using Dynatrace to monitor RPA bots Hal.  Automation is a hot topic these days in most IT departments. There has been an industry rush to automate the enterprise and the burden to do this has fallen squarely onto the IT department’s lap.  As per usual vendors are pushing a variety of RPA platforms into organizations and most… read more

Dynatrace “Cloud Certified”

We operate as a global organization here at Dynatrace. With thousands of employees around the world, there is a blend of unique talents, interests and stories. I’m excited to share one of those stories with you now. Last week, I saw that a member from our service team had a very interesting site visit with one of our customers. Dennis Mispelbaum didn’t just take a plane out to assist… read more

Finding performance bottlenecks with Dynatrace in less than 5 minutes

As all of you (hopefully) know are we running load tests for Dynatrace in different stages, including regular regression performance tests on daily builds from the trunk. Looking into the performance of the Web UI – which is part of the load testing scenario, I found the following top contributing Web UI REST calls: The REST call /e/2/rest/startscreen/data/NETWORK_MEDIUM was identified as a hot spot from multiple perspectives (CPU time, response… read more

Management of your entities just went from cool to awesome!

Organizing large monitoring environments is never easy. Dynatrace deals with this challenge particularly well because it understands the different components in your environment. It knows about your services, your deployed containers, CloudFoundry and OpenShift applications, your web servers, and your physical and virtual hosts. To effectively manage all these entities, Dynatrace relies on tagging. This includes both manual and automatically applied tags. Over the last year, we’ve extended Dynatrace… read more

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes version v1.131

OneAgent  Java Support for Solaris for Java and Apache HTTP Server (beta) Support for IIOP remote services for WebSphere Liberty Support for IIOP remote services for Glassfish Support for JBoss remoting services Apache HTTP server Nginx Improvements to request body handling .NET Method hotspot for .NET Core on Linux Support for .NET 4.7.1 Node.js Deprecated Node.js version 0.10.x, 0.12.x and 5.x Node.js version 7.x will be deprecated with Dynatrace… read more