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A great website can give your company a competitive advantage, but only if it’s fast, dependable, and scalable enough to handle a highly successful event or marketing campaign. By incorporating web load testing into the development and deployment of your website or web application, your teams are empowered to create faster websites, optimize the performance of your existing web platform, and ensure that customers are never disappointed.

Web load testing enables proactive performance management. Armed with the right web load testing tools, your teams are able to identify bottlenecks in your web sites and applications, baseline and benchmark performance across key geographies and devices, and resolve performance issues before revenue flows—or your brand image—are adversely affected.

web load testing

The evolution of web load testing

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Web application load testing can and should be implemented throughout the application lifecycle—not just in preparation for the launch of a new site. In fact, as DevOps principles are adopted in the enterprise, organizations are shifting away from traditional web load testing to performance engineering that is automated and continuous. In line with this trend, the web load test has evolved from a singular, large-scale event to a more focused process of continual performance monitoring.

Better suited to the modern web application than traditional web load testing, this new testing paradigm extends the performance testing life cycle into production environments and supports collaboration among business and technical teams. Through feedback loops, all application stakeholders are able to participate in the testing process and work together to define the metrics they need to assess and improve the stability, scalability, and speed of their web applications—in accordance with their specific performance objectives.

Web load testing pre- and post-deployment: Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic website performance monitoring tools such as those offered by Dynatrace allow organizations to carry out web load testing in pre-production and to continually verify the performance of live websites. A synthetic web performance monitoring solution can help your teams detect and resolve issues early in development and troubleshoot unexpected problems that arise once you’ve deployed. In this way, web load testing can be used to validate the application architecture whenever changes are made to the application code or underlying infrastructure or before anticipated spikes in traffic.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is a powerful web performance monitoring solution that gives your teams a complete view of the application delivery chain and toolsets that enable them to:

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