Web load testing tools

Used to build and execute load tests on websites and web applications, web load testing tools range from open-source software like Apache JMeter to cloud-based load testing services like BlazeMeter. By generating multiple concurrent virtual users, web load testing tools allow you to simulate conditions of normal to heavy load and monitor the behavior of your web sites and applications—and the underlying infrastructure—in response to those conditions.

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Choosing the right web load testing tools

With the wide variety of web load testing tools available now, finding the best solution for your needs can be difficult. Here are a few things you may want to prioritize when running a web load test and to take into consideration when choosing a web load testing tool:

For most organizations, using cloud-based web load testing tools will be the quickest, most affordable way to spin up a large volume of traffic at low cost, test their web applications and datacenter capabilities from various locations around the world, and find performance issues anywhere in the application delivery ecosystem.

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