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Many organizations choose to implement a web load test in order to verify the functionality and speed of their websites or web applications under conditions of normal to heavy load. The issues revealed by a web load test may include bottlenecks in the application itself or underlying infrastructure.

A website load test is typically carried out by running a number of simulated user sessions on a website while monitoring backend servers and collecting data on response times, page load times, and other performance metrics. With proper analysis of the test results, web application load testing can help your teams build and deliver better performing web applications, improve the reliability and speed of your web and mobile web sites, and validate the scalability of your web application’s architecture.

web load testing

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The steps involved in carrying out a web load test

The first step of a web load test will be to assemble a team of application stakeholders, which may include business managers, marketing staff, IT operations personnel, and developers, in addition to testing engineers. Once the team is assembled, the next step of the web load test will be to determine test objectives. This includes:

After deciding what to test and measure, QA testers and performance engineers will then use web load testing tools to develop and execute a web load test that simulates the appropriate load conditions and user scenarios and captures the designated metrics. Finally, the entire team will analyze and discuss the results of the web load test to troubleshoot performance problems and identify opportunities to enhance the scalability of the website or web application.

Implementing your next web load test with Dynatrace

At Dynatrace, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve a higher level of web application performance management. Our website performance monitoring tools, Dynatrace User Experience Management and Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, and load testing solution support the entire performance testing life cycle—from development to your production environment.

Before embarking on your next web load test, consider Dynatrace Load. Choose from our self-service, on-demand web load testing solution, which features BlazeMeter technology and an open source platform compatible with DevOps frameworks, or our best-of-breed managed testing solution, Dynatrace Load Insights. Access our globally-distributed, cloud-based load testing network and generate up to one million concurrent users for the fastest, most accurate test of your website’s scalability and availability.

For deep code-level diagnostic capabilities, activate Dynatrace Load Insights 360, powered by our patented PurePath Technology. Drill down to the problematic component or line of code in seconds to pinpoint the root cause of performance degradation, eliminating the need for multiple test iterations and saving you time.

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