Web application load testing

Web application load testing is invaluable for assessing the speed, scalability, and stability of web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. By measuring response times, throughput rates, and other critical web application performance metrics, a web load test can show you how your website, mobile site, or web application responds to high-volume traffic, exposing bottlenecks in the application architecture. The insight provided by web application load testing allows you to fine tune application performance under realistic load conditions, thereby enhancing the reliability and value of your delivered service.

web application load testing

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Building better apps and services with web application load testing

Today’s web and mobile application development tools make creating and deploying apps easier, but with convenience comes risk as critical performance issues may go undetected for the sake of simplifying workflows. When carried out in the initial design phase—and implemented continually throughout development—web application load testing enables you to collect the data you need to:

By enabling you to find and fix problems early in development, web application load testing can help improve project efficiency and the overall quality of your end product.

Leveraging web load testing tools throughout the performance testing life cycle is also a great way to bring application stakeholders together—to assemble a team spanning different disciplines but dedicated to a common set of performance objectives. When done right, web application load testing encourages cooperation and communication among all stakeholders early in development, thereby increasing the effectiveness of performance optimization efforts and reducing project cycle times.

Bulletproof your web, mobile, and cloud apps with Dynatrace web application load testing

Dynatrace Load, a web application load testing solution from the leaders in APM, offers your organization a smart, scalable open-source testing platform compatible with DevOps frameworks. Integrate continuous load testing into your development environment to baseline application performance across key device types, optimize your application code and underlying infrastructure, and track changes in performance as your application evolves—to deliver bulletproof applications to your users faster.

Combining cloud-based, on-demand load testing with powerful application monitoring capabilities, Dynatrace Load Insights 360 gives you the scalability and diagnostic capabilities missing from other performance testing tools for web applications. Dynatrace lets you simulate loads of up to one million concurrent users and isolate the root cause of performance problems as you discover them. With Dynatrace web load testing solutions, you can ship faster and be certain your users are never disappointed.

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