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When launching new websites and web applications, your success depends heavily on the quality of your load tester. With the right website load testing and web app testing tools, you can eliminate all of the fear and uncertainty about how well your site will perform. By using your load tester to simulate real user behavior and peak traffic conditions, you can identify the issues and bottlenecks that would otherwise diminish the exceptional user experience you want to create. The right load tester technology can provide essential intelligence to help you refine your website end to end, long before users ever encounter it.

Of course, your confidence in your launch is only as strong as your confidence in your load tester. That’s why so many enterprises around the world choose load testing software from Dynatrace when getting ready to take websites and web applications live.

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Dynatrace, formerly Compuware APM, provides application performance management (APM) solutions for organizations large and small, from breakout startups to some of the world’s biggest brands – including more than 380 of the Fortune 500. With our APM development solutions, companies can engineer more reliable websites and applications, launch them on time and within budget, and resolve issues quickly to deliver the exceptional experiences that users expect.

Our synthetic testing solution, Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring, provides all the load test tools you need to build and launch better applications and websites. With a load tester, you no longer need to worry about how your site will perform after launch, because you’ll already have seen how your site handles everything you can throw at it – traffic spikes, peak volumes, every possible user behavior, and traffic from PCs all over the world. Our load tester provides the insight and intelligence that takes the surprises and nightmares out of the days and weeks leading up to launch.

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