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Cloud performance is a key concern for businesses that are migrating their on-premise applications to PaaS or IaaS clouds, or using those clouds to build new applications from scratch. The benefits of running these applications in the cloud include avoidance or reduction of capital expenses, improved agility for developing new features, and easy scalability. Along with these benefits however come new challenges in ensuring cloud performance for customer-facing or enterprise applications running in remote PaaS or IaaS environments. The sorts of infrastructure monitoring tools typically made available by cloud vendors fall short of the independent, comprehensive real-time visibility and analytics that are required for effective cloud monitoring and optimization of cloud performance.

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Dynatrace: The complete cloud performance management solution

Dynatrace is the leading maker of digital performance management and DevOps automation tools. Thousands of businesses worldwide use the Dynatrace performance management tool suite to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of on-premise, hybrid, and cloud applications.

For comprehensive cloud performance management, Dynatrace delivers an integrated tool suite including:

Smartscape services

Cloud performance monitoring and analytics, delivered from the Dynatrace cloud

Dynatrace cloud application management and cloud migration tools are available as a self-service SaaS solution. The service is fast and easy to get started with, and the pure consumption-based pricing model lets you use any combination of application monitoring, real user monitoring, and/or synthetic monitoring capabilities, at any scale required by your use case. For cloud performance management of an on-premise private cloud, Dynatrace is available as an on-premise managed solution or as a SaaS solution

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