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More and more companies are leveraging cloud services to improve the availability, flexibility, and scalability of their applications and IT infrastructure. And in order to ensure the performance and business value of their resources in the cloud, many of these companies are turning to cloud performance monitoring tools, which allow them to track and manage the behavior and health of their particular cloud environment. An intelligent cloud performance monitoring solution can accelerate troubleshooting of performance issues in cloud ecosystems and provide IT teams with actionable data—essential for optimizing resource allocation and maximizing the efficiency of IT service delivery.

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Enabling efficient cloud management with cloud performance monitoring tools

Cloud computing environments are dynamic and complex. Traditional application performance monitoring tools may be inadequate for monitoring and managing the performance of your applications in the cloud or those spanning cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Many cloud service providers now offer their users basic cloud monitoring tools, but these are often limited in scope and lack the powerful capabilities of independent cloud performance monitoring solutions.

The best cloud performance monitoring solutions on the market offer full visibility into the cloud ecosystem. Obtaining a complete picture of the performance of your applications and/or computing resources in the cloud, your teams are able to identify and resolve issues that contribute to performance degradation—whether in your datacenter, in the cloud, or somewhere in between. With integrated cloud load testing or synthetic monitoring capabilities, you can measure maximum capacity levels before moving workloads to the cloud or in preparation for expected spikes in traffic.

Cloud performance monitoring gives you real-time insight into how your resources are being used so that your teams can scale up or scale down resources and add or delete deployments as demand changes. Further, armed with this insight, your organization can better evaluate and compare the performance of cloud services, validate compliance with SLAs, and make informed cloud spending decisions.

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Powerful, easy-to-deploy cloud performance monitoring Solutions from the Leader in APM

Dynatrace cloud performance monitoring solutions foster a holistic approach to cloud performance management. Combining end to end application monitoring, user experience management, and transaction management capabilities, our cloud monitoring toolset provides superior visibility across all tiers and layers of distributed computing environments—for private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments—and into every aspect of the user experience. With Dynatrace, your teams are empowered to:

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