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Cloud monitoring tools help organizations overcome the complexities of hybrid infrastructures. As more companies leverage cloud-based services to deliver business-critical applications and augment on-premises infrastructure, IT operations teams need solutions that enable them to monitor the performance and availability of assets in the cloud.

Most traditional application performance monitoring software products simply cannot handle complex, distributed environments spanning cloud platforms and third-party services. But with the right cloud monitoring tools in place, organizations can better manage and optimize the performance, resource usage, and user experience of cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure—and maximize the value of their cloud investments.

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Choosing the right cloud monitoring tools for your organization

Some cloud service providers now offer cloud monitoring tools to their customers. However, while these tools are useful for viewing certain performance metrics and receiving notifications of service interruptions, native cloud monitoring tools typically provide a limited view of the cloud ecosystem and are best used to supplement an independent cloud performance monitoring solution.

Ultimately, the right cloud monitoring tools for your organization will depend on your particular workloads and cloud deployment model. But, there are some basic capabilities to look for when choosing a toolset. Namely, you’ll want to be able to:

For a hybrid cloud environment, you’ll need sophisticated cloud monitoring tools that let you trace and monitor the performance of application transactions across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure, or an end to end application monitoring solution. For business-critical applications in particular, your teams will benefit most from analytics-equipped cloud monitoring tools, which help you quickly identify the root cause of bottlenecks and resolve performance problems before users are adversely affected.

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Application performance monitoring for the cloud: Dynatrace cloud monitoring solutions

Dynatrace has developed a new generation of APM solutions for organizations leveraging the power of the cloud. Bringing together powerful real-time transaction management and proactive synthetic monitoring capabilities with out-of-the-box support for all types of cloud environments, our cloud monitoring tools give your teams full visibility across on-premises and cloud tiers as well as third-party services like CDNs. Detect and analyze the root cause of performance issues arising anywhere along the application delivery chain, and simplify capacity management with actionable data on transaction-load or user-load patterns. Benefit fully from the elasticity of the cloud with Dynatrace digital performance management solutions.

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