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Building and running applications in the cloud can bring benefits in terms of speed-to-market, cost savings, and scalability, but also poses challenges around application performance management. Application managers look to cloud monitoring solutions to help them meet these challenges. But what they too often find is restrictive cloud monitoring solutions that are limited to a particular cloud vendor, to particular platform or infrastructure technologies, or a particular phase of the application lifecycle. Application managers are thus left with only a partial view of their application’s health, or else have to kludge together multiple disparate cloud monitoring solutions in an effort to see a fuller picture.

In this fragmented cloud monitoring landscape the exception is Dynatrace, a unified cloud monitoring solutions platform that delivers unrestricted visibility and control across your entire cloud application architecture and across all stages of the application lifecycle. Available as a SaaS or on-premise solution, Dynatrace is relied on by more than 8000 businesses worldwide for cloud application monitoring and cloud performance management, as well as for performance management of on-premises and hybrid cloud applications.

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Cloud monitoring solutions for launching new cloud applications and features

Dynatrace integrated cloud monitoring solutions help solve the challenges of getting applications up and running in the cloud:

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Cloud monitoring solutions for optimizing cloud application performance and ROI

Dynatrace unified cloud monitoring solutions help you to keep cloud applications running smoothly and to maximize the business value of running applications in the cloud:

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