Cloud load testing

When deploying a web or mobile application, one of the most important parts of the application development lifecycle is cloud load testing. Ensuring the performance and availability of your web and mobile applications under conditions of heavy load is essential for protecting the user experience. Delivering a consistently excellent experience to demanding users—no matter when or where they access your brand—is crucial to the success of your digital channel; and, by carrying out cloud load testing before release and as necessary in production, you can be confident that your applications will not disappoint.

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The advantages of cloud load testing

While using hardware in the datacenter to generate load may be suitable for identifying performance issues in internal applications and infrastructure, it is insufficient for testing external-facing applications—and costly in many cases. For websites and mobile applications in particular, which are accessed externally and incorporate third-party components, cloud load testing will be a more effective and affordable option.

By leveraging the public cloud, cloud load testing enables organizations to implement realistic large-scale testing of web and mobile applications on demand. Cloud load testing allows you not only to generate large volumes of traffic rapidly and at low cost but also to source the load from geographically distributed locations—outside of your firewall. This makes it possible to test the entire application delivery chain, from the user device to your backend servers, across load balancers, security firewalls, and third-party services including content delivery networks and ad providers.

cloud load testing

Maximizing the effectiveness of cloud load testing

Testing from the cloud isn’t enough, however. Truly effective cloud load testing requires focus and commitment: focus on the preferences, behaviors, and locations of your users and commitment to testing throughout the application lifecycle. Transaction and usage analytics data collected from user experience monitoring tools can be used to inform testing efforts, enabling more accurate emulation of your users’ actions. Moreover, synthetic monitoring solutions can be integrated into the production environment to continuously measure and manage the performance of your applications.

Comprehensive performance management for web, mobile, and cloud applications

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