Cloud application performance monitoring

Two key benefits of running applications in the cloud are scalability and usage-based pricing of infrastructure and platform resources. But how can you tell for sure that your cloud-based applications are scaling effectively? And how can you know that you're utilizing the right level of cloud resources to run your applications – as much as you need, but no more than you need? To answer such questions, and to truly capitalize on the potential of IaaS or PaaS clouds, you need the right cloud application performance monitoring solution.

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Why use Dynatrace for cloud application performance monitoring?

Some IaaS and PaaS vendors may offer in-house cloud performance monitoring tools, and some individual infrastructure and platform components may include native utilities for monitoring their own performance. Why then use Dynatrace – the market-leading digital performance management solution – for your cloud application performance monitoring needs?

  1. Dynatrace is the only cloud application monitoring solution that provides unified monitoring of your application and all underlying platform and infrastructure resources – including all major coding frameworks (Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js), all major relational DBs and big data platforms (Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop), and all major container technologies, virtual servers, and physical servers.
  2. Dynatrace unified cloud application performance monitoring transcends cloud boundaries to seamlessly monitor hybrid applications that integrate on-premise and cloud components as well as multi-cloud applications that utilize multiple SaaS services as well as IaaS/PaaS services.
  3. Dynatrace is the only cloud monitoring solution that integrates application monitoring with real user monitoring and realistic synthetic monitoring, so that you can clearly see how application and infrastructure performance impact what really matters: the experiences and actions of your end users.
  4. Dynatrace is the cloud application performance monitoring technology that reveals not only the "whats" of cloud performance but the "whys" – with instant root cause analysis of performance anomalies or scalability problems, down to the inefficient coding practice, the misconfigured connection pool, or the underlying resource bottleneck.
  5. Dynatrace is among the most proven and trusted of cloud monitoring solutions, with more than 8000 customers worldwide using Dynatrace every day to monitor and optimize the performance of on-premise, hybrid cloud, and native cloud applications.
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Dynatrace for full-lifecycle cloud application performance monitoring

Another thing that sets Dynatrace cloud application performance monitoring apart from other IaaS and SaaS monitoring tools is Dynatrace's active support for Agile and DevOps. Dynatrace provides a common toolset and common set of performance-centered DevOps metrics that facilitates communication and collaboration across development, test, and operations groups. Dynatrace easily integrates with other DevOps productivity and automation tools, so that for example developers can integrate Dynatrace application dependency mapping tools with their IDEs, and test teams can integrate Dynatrace performance testing features into the daily build routine. Available as a managed on-premise system or as a SaaS service, Dynatrace helps DevOps teams deliver better cloud applications faster.

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