Cloud application monitoring

Today’s digital enterprises are leveraging IaaS and PaaS to build, test, and run applications in the cloud. Cloud infrastructure and platforms enable businesses to reduce the cost and time involved with creating and launching new applications and features, and to easily scale applications up and down in response to end user demand. With those benefits, however, come new challenges including the inherent difficulties of cloud application monitoring.

Cloud application monitoring, beyond the obvious hurdles that are raised when application owners are physically remote from their applications, is vexed by cloud infrastructures that are heterogeneous, heavily virtualized, and highly dynamic. While challenging, cloud application performance monitoring is also critically important because of consumption-based cloud pricing that creates a business imperative to use no more cloud resources than are needed to meet key application performance goals.

Smartscape technology

Cloud application monitoring the Dynatrace way

Dynatrace is the digital performance monitoring solution purpose-built for modern applications including hybrid and cloud-native applications. The Dynatrace solution for cloud application monitoring is:

application mapping

Cloud application monitoring, delivered from the cloud

Dynatrace is the only cloud application monitoring solution available as a pure consumption-based SaaS service. With no long-term contracts and a simple, transparent pricing scheme, you can use just the Dynatrace cloud performance monitoring tools you need – application monitoring, real user monitoring, and/or synthetic monitoring – in just the amount that you need, with the ability to easily scale up or down your service usage. You can be up and running with Dynatrace SaaS in just a few minutes.

performance metrics analysis

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