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SaaS businesses are proliferating and competition among them is intense. If you operate a SaaS business, a key to winning and keeping customers is being able to offer and meet superior performance SLAs. Doing so requires the ability to continuously monitor your SaaS performance and to proactively detect and rectify any performance regressions or problems. The best available solution for this type of SaaS monitoring is Dynatrace. The Dynatrace solution for SaaS monitoring is comprehensive, easy to use, and is itself available as a SaaS application.

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Dynatrace for comprehensive SaaS monitoring

Dynatrace is an application performance monitoring (APM) technology innovator whose cloud monitoring solutions and digital transformation solutions are used by thousands of businesses ranging from start-ups to some of the world’s largest technology, financial services, and e-commerce companies. For SaaS monitoring, Dynatrace offers a complete solution comprising:

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Dynatrace, the pay-per-use SaaS application

Dynatrace is the only cloud application monitoring solution that’s available as SaaS application with pure consumption-based pricing. Choose the SaaS monitoring services that you want—application monitoring, real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, or any combination of the three—and get started with your SaaS monitoring in just minutes. There’s no need to maintain or update software, and your SaaS monitoring data is securely stored in the Dynatrace cloud and accessible to you through the web-based Dynatrace console. Pay monthly for the SaaS monitoring tools that you use, with the freedom to discontinue the service at any time with no penalty.

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