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Along with functionality and pricing, performance is one of the key differentiators among competing SaaS applications. For SaaS operators, the task of ensuring that their application meets or exceeds goals for uptime, latency, and throughput is complicated by the fact that SaaS applications typically run remotely in cloud-based IaaS or PaaS environments, encompass multiple platform tiers and technologies, and change frequently. Most SaaS monitoring tools can offer only a partial picture of SaaS application performance, restricted to one or another tier or technology and hard-pressed to adapt to changes in topology. The exception is Dynatrace, an innovative SaaS monitoring tools suite that is itself delivered as a SaaS service.

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See the whole performance picture with Dynatrace SaaS monitoring tools

Dynatrace is an established leader in the application performance management (APM) market, delivering envelope-pushing digital transformation solutions and cloud monitoring solutions used by thousands of businesses worldwide, from web and mobile start-ups to some of the biggest names on the Fortune 500. Dynatrace’s SaaS monitoring tools suite provides a single unified solution for comprehensive SaaS application monitoring in any type of environment.

With versatile cloud performance management toolsets including AWS and Azure monitoring tools, Dynatrace works seamlessly in any IaaS or PaaS environment in which you may run your SaaS application. With a simple lightweight agent install and no need for manual configuration, Dynatrace automatically discovers and maps your application across all components, dependencies, and tiers, and automatically adjusts the mapping whenever you make a change to the environment. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Dynatrace SaaS monitoring tools also automatically discover the business transactions that transit your application as well as the baseline performance of those transactions, with sensitivity to periodicity factors such as time of day and day of week.

With baseline behavior established, Dynatrace’s cloud application monitoring technology traces 100% of your SaaS application transactions across all tiers from front-end to database layer. Dynatrace SaaS monitoring tools detect and alert you to performance problems, and then support instant automated root cause analysis. Root cause analyses can be exported and shared across DevOps teams to accelerate troubleshooting and minimize MTTR.

Rounding out the Dynatrace SaaS monitoring tools suite, the Dynatrace global synthetic monitoring network can be used to proactively test your new SaaS applications and features both before and after they go live; and Dynatrace real user monitoring tools provide a window into how your users are experiencing particular features and the application as a whole.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Dynatrace pay-per-use SaaS monitoring tools

Dynatrace tools for on-premises application monitoring and SaaS monitoring are available as a self-service SaaS application. There are no infrastructure costs, no maintenance headaches, and no long-term contracts, and you pay only for what you use. It’s easy getting started with Dynatrace SaaS monitoring tools and you can gain valuable insights in a matter of minutes.

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