Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a cloud-based solution for monitoring the health and performance of your organization’s software applications and supporting infrastructure. While Monitoring as a Service would typically involve an on-premise installation of a lightweight agent or a bit of JavaScript, the ongoing collection, storage, and processing of monitoring data for analytics and reporting takes place at the service provider’s cloud data centers.

The appeals of Monitoring as a Service are the usual appeals of the cloud: fast and easy deployment, avoidance of capital expenditures and maintenance responsibilities, pay-for-use pricing, and scalability. The question is which Monitoring as a Service provider can you count on to monitor your business-critical applications in an environment where end users are increasingly demanding and application architectures grow ever more diverse and complex – and to do it with pricing that’s clear and fair?

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Dynatrace: The Proven, Full-Capabilities Monitoring as a Service Provider

Dynatrace is the most trusted name in digital performance management – a perennial favorite of industry analysts and the Monitoring as a Service choice for thousands of companies ranging from start-ups to some of the world’s largest enterprises. No other MaaS provider can match Dynatrace across key capability areas including:

As a flexible and highly scalable cloud-based service, Dynatrace is ideally suited to help you monitor and manage cloud performance for other cloud services and resources that you use. The Dynatrace platform includes powerful cloud migration tools and ongoing cloud application management capabilities for businesses that are moving to or already using major cloud services such as AWS, Azure, CloudFoundry, OpenShift, and others. Dynatrace also supports businesses building their own private clouds, with OpenStack monitoring tools and other tools for monitoring virtualization and cloud platform technologies.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

Monitoring as a Service That’s Truly Pay-For-Use

Dynatrace is the only Monitoring as a Service vendor that offers a pure consumption-based pricing model. While Dynatrace is an integrated platform with comprehensive digital performance capabilities, you pay only for what you use: application and infrastructure monitoring (based on number of hosts), and/or real user monitoring (based on number of user sessions), and/or synthetic monitoring (based on number of web check runs). There are no long-term contracts to sign and you can stop using Dynatrace at any time. Best of all, Dynatrace is fast an easy to deploy with your applications – you can be up and running with Dynatrace in a matter of minutes.

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