Apache Kafka monitoring

Dynatrace automatically monitors your event streams including microservices and detects anomalies that may impact your mission-critical apps.

What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform designed for handling real-time data feeds. With Dynatrace you can get observability for your event streams including producing and consuming microservices without touching any code thanks to auto-instrumentation.

  • Analyze your entire Apache Kafka deployment

    Dynatrace auto-detects your topics and brokers including the interacting microservices and connects them to an end-to-end trace.

  • Get in-depth Apache Kafka performance analysis

    Dynatrace provides in-depth performance analysis of both current and historical observability signals for traces, metrics, and logs.

  • Pinpoint Apache Kafka problems at the code level

    Dynatrace directly pinpoints components that are causing problems with big data analytics of billions of dependencies within your application stack.

Start monitoring your event streams

Dynatrace automatically monitors microservices that interact with topics and detects anomalies of microservices on code-level.

  • Avoid manual configuration with automated discovery and monitoring.
  • Automatically detect new hosts running Apache Kafka.
  • Instantly gain access to all metrics, traces, and logs.
When we started at Kroger we had a different monitoring solution, that we had dealt with for the last five years, and I'm not going to name drop but it was not as ‘dynamic’ as they said that it should be.
Jay Cotton Performance Engineer Lead Kroger

Kafka broker metrics

Kafka latency and throughput depending on the rate of flushing logs to disk. Even a slight change can drastically impact Kafka performance. Under-replicated partitions indicate that replication is ongoing, consumers aren’t getting data, and latency is growing. Use the Kafka Broker to tab to monitor issues and enable action before applications are impacted.

Kafka cluster metrics

Partition and controller charts present your cluster details so you can make sure, for example, that you have one controller per cluster and no offline or under-replicated partitions. Dynatrace informs you of any detected Kafka-related performance problems. You can customize anomaly detection for Kafka using the Plugin events settings.

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