Autonomous Cloud Management

Transform the way you think about building and managing applications

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The enterprise cloud requires a new approach

  • Hybrid multi-cloud


65% of CIOs fear that IT complexity will make it impossible to effectively manage performance.

  • Brain bulb


Seconds detecting a problem isn’t good enough. You need to understand the impact and find the root cause – in seconds.

  • Web-scale


and frequency of change are far beyond the capacity of the human brain.

Automate manual work and spend more time innovating

Autonomous cloud management (ACM) is our vision on how applications should be built and managed. ACM enables you to deliver better software faster, through automation.

Autonomous Cloud Management


The AI paves the way for autonomous operations, enabling us to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention.”
Jonathan Hayes, VP of Global IT Service Excellence at Experian

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Dynatrace unique capabilities that enable ACM

  • Automated


Zero-touch configuration, continuous discovery and mapping, effortless problem identification and root cause

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  • full stack

Full stack

Understand all the relationships and interdependencies, top to bottom, for your enterprise
cloud ecosystem

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  • AIOps


Deterministic, causation-based AI for real-time insights, actions and actionable answers, not just more data

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Automate operations

Automate IT Ops and save thousands of hours of manual work.

  • Automate problem resolution and root cause identification

  • Leverage runbook automation and self-healing

  • Integrate insights into ITSM applications for faster support

automate operations

DevOps unbreakable pipeline

Faster insights with real-time DevOps feedback:

  • Feedback from production in real-time

  • New code validation against performance in minutes

  • Reduce change failure rate

devops pipeline

Software intelligence for the
enterprise cloud

Go beyond APM with our all-in-one platform

Dynatrace has the world class partner network
to bring autonomous cloud management to life

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

“The autonomous cloud foundation that was presented showed us where we need to go!”
Jim Feather, Global IT Director, Infrastructure Systems Engineering at AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.

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Come join us in one of our Autonomous Cloud Lab Locations and learn how to:

  • Build an unbreakable delivery pipeline and deploy perfect applications faster in your DevOps environment.

  • Utilize virtual assistants, runbook automation and self-healing in your NoOps strategy.

  • Align your customer driven business strategy with real user visibility and automated mitigation.

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A 2018 Global CIO Report

CIO Report: Speed of Innovation in the Cloud: The Top 5 Challenges

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Dynatrace is a Magic Quadrant Leader 2018

Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

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Beachbody embraces IT automation with Dynatrace

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