Cloud Automation use cases for DevOps Platform Teams

Deliver high quality software faster and more securely. Dynatrace Cloud Automation empowers DevOps teams to release with confidence, and scale projects enterprise-wide.

Continuously validate releases

Automatically ensure that every release is checked for bad code, meets SLOs, and doesn’t reach production if a problem is identified. Your DevOps team will thank you.

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Accelerate deployment frequency while ensuring high quality software

Learn how Dynatrace prevents bad quality code from reaching production with continuous release validation. Automatically evaluate code against pre-defined quality criteria and only progress code when it achieves the desired quality score.
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Release with confidence

Whether you use blue/green, canary deployments, or feature flags, get full control over what gets released, when, and how, and rest assured you can automatically revert to a prior, more stable release as needed.

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Orchestrate the DevOps lifecycle

Leverage the DevSecOps partner alliance program to integrate your favorite DevOps tools with Dynatrace’s powerful observability, AI, and automation to eliminate toolchain complexity and concentrate on what matters: Scaling your DevOps platform.

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