Dynatrace Cloud Automation

Enabling Development, DevOps and SRE teams to build better quality software faster by bringing Observability, Automation and Intelligence to DevOps pipelines.

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Cloud Automation Benefits

  • Speed

Increase Speed of Delivery

Eliminate toil through Automated Monitoring, Test Evaluation & Remediation as well as Automated Orchestration across DevOps lifecycle.

  • Release with Confidence

Release with Confidence

Shift-left quality and Shift-right resiliency and reliability

  • Scale

Scale DevOps Enterprise-wide

Incorporate Self-service models & AI-driven decision making

Release with confidence with Release Analysis and Version Awareness

Automatically create and view an inventory of all releases in your pipeline with built-in Dynatrace Release Analysis. Easily understand the status and health of deployed applications across all environments and automatically compare the behavior of different versions.

Dynatrace Release Analysis

Meet 100% of SLAs by monitoring SLOs natively

Evaluate relevant metrics or SLIs against pre-defined SLOs natively within Dynatrace. Understand precisely which changes caused SLO violations and get root cause analysis to quickly remediate issues ensuring error budgets remain intact. Predict SLO violations before they happen.

Automated SLO validation

Shift-Left SRE practices with automated SLO validation through Quality Gates

Ensure only high-quality code moves through the delivery pipeline by evaluating code against the same production SLOs, earlier in the development stages. Utilize Dynatrace Quality Gates to automate release validation, catch service degradations and stop bad code from progressing to the next stage.

Dynatrace Quality Gates

Increase operational resiliency with Closed Loop Remediation

When releases fail in production, the Cloud Automation control plane can automatically orchestrate tools like Chef, Puppet and Ansible to execute remediation workflows or orchestrate ITSM tools to trigger incident management workflows. By re-evaluating metrics after remediation actions, a closed loop is established thereby ensuring resiliency.

Cloud Automation control plane

Enhance reliability with Shift-Right or Progressive Delivery

Leverage the Cloud Automation Control Plane when using deployment strategies like Blue/Green testing, A/B testing, Canary deployments & Feature Flags, to fully automate your lifecycle by triggering remediation, roll-back or release workflows.

Automate your lifecycle by triggering remediation

Cloud Automation Control Plane powered by Keptn

Keptn, is an open-source control plane for cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration. It is declarative, extensible and based on GitOps. Developed by Dynatrace and now part of the CNCF as a sandbox project, Keptn has been embedded into the Dynatrace platform and offered commercially for customers to use.

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“By providing advanced observability across our DevOps processes and app delivery pipelines, Dynatrace allows us to see the smoke before the fire starts to burn. We can stop bad code from ever reaching production, so it never becomes a problem.”
Simon Pilar, Director of IT Service Operations

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